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5 tips to visit Easter Island.

Easter Island is one of the most isolated and mysterious places in the world. This small volcanic island, famous for its more than 900 Moais, is one of the top tourist destinations.

If you are preparing a trip to Easter Island , here is a series of tips to keep in mind:

1. How much time is necessary to see Easter Island?

With 2-3 days is enough. Even if you have days and budget, you can stop in Easter Island on the way to Tahiti. This way you optimize the trip by plane (2 trips at the price of 1).

Pacific Sea

2. How much does the trip to Easter Island cost?

Everything on Easter Island is much more expensive than in Santiago de Chile (minimum double), so keep these tips in mind so that the trip is cheaper.

    • Airplane

      The plane ticket costs about 400 euros from Santiago de Chile. All flights depart or stop here on the way out. On the other hand, the return is direct to Santiago or with a stopover in Lima.

      It is one of the trips whose value for money is not so good. Although it is a unique experience to see this famous island, the distance and the few days necessary to see it make it something prohibitive.

      You can search for a last minute offer, seasonal promotion or redeem points that you have in LATAM or in an associated airline (OneWorld).

    • Accommodation

      The average price per double room and night is at an average of around 100 euros . Another option is to rent a room for a private person, which costs around 40 euros per night.

    • Rate of places of interest

      Currently, there is a unique ticket that allows you to enter all tourist places for a space of 10 days. The rates that apply are the following:

        • National adult: $ 20,000.
        • National minor: $ 10,000.
        • Foreign adult: US$ 80.
        • Foreign minor: US$ 40.
    • Gastronomy

      Practically all the food arrives from continental Chile, except the fish and the seafood. It is worth mentioning the red tuna that is caught in these waters and that is taken to continental Chile by plane for consumption in the best restaurants.

3. When is the best time to visit Easter Island?

Being a tropical island located in the Polynesian, any time of the year is good to visit. The temperature does not vary much:

    • Average between 24º and 18º throughout the year.
    • In summer (December to March) there are maximum temperatures of 36º and minimum temperatures of 16º.
    • In winter (June to September) there are maximum temperatures of 30º and minimum of 14º.

4. What places of interest are there on Easter Island?

Being a small island does not mean that there are not enough places of interest. In addition, due to its size, you can visit all of them in a short time.

Easter Island map-es

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The main places of interest are:

    • Rano Raraku: Stone quarry from where the moais were obtained. It is located on the slope of the Rano Raraku volcano.

      Rano Raraku

    • Tongariki Ahu: Ceremonial platform (Ahu) where a row of 15 moais is located. It is the largest megalithic construction in the South Pacific.


    • Akivi Ahu: The only place where the moais look at the sea. And not only that, they are oriented to the exact point of sunset during the equinox of the austral spring (September 21).

      Akivi Ahu

    • Puna Pau: Place where the pukao were obtained, which are the representation of a red bow, from the rock of this small volcano.

      Puna Pau

    • Tahira Ahu: Here you can see a wall very similar to those built by the Inca culture. According to one of the theories about its origin it would be an Inca wall built after the landing on the island of the Inca Tupac Yupanqui and his warriors.

      Inka wall

    • Rano Kau Volcano: It is one of the 3 volcanoes on the island, next to the Puakatiki and Maunga Terevaka, and it stands out for the lagoons that have formed inside.

      Rano Kau

    • Beaches: The Anakena beach is the one with the best access and it is more touristy. Ovahe and Pea are smaller and with worse access, but they are famous for spearfishing.

      Anakena beach

    • Cave of the 2 windows: Cave located below ground from which to contemplate the cliffs.

      2 windows cave

    • Dance show: There are several places on the island where representations of typical Polynesian dances are performed (Te Ra’ai, Kari Kari Cultural Ballet, Varua Ora, Puku Rangi Tea, Maori Tupuna).
      Rapanookee vona

      Source: Wikimedia Commons
    • Craft Markets: If you want to buy a souvenir, you can do it in the stalls near the places of interest or in the handicraft market (Ara Roa Rakei street, next to Santa Cruz church). For our experience, we recommend the second since the crafts are of better quality.

5. How to move around the Island?

You can hire a tour, and go by bus to the tourist spots, or tour the island on your own renting a car or a bicycle.

I traveled by bike with a friend who lived there. If you are fit and prefer to travel at your own pace, do not hesitate, it is your best option.

We hope you found it useful and, if you want to know more about this destination, we leave you as a reference our experience on this trip.

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Kiss and hugs.


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