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Northern Marinera, typical dance of Peru.

The Northern Marinera is one of the most beautiful dances in Peru. It combines the elegance, rhythm, courtship and complicity of the best dances.

We like their steps, the music, the handkerchief movement and the flirtation that the 2 dancers have … A whole declaration of intent!

It is a very dear dance. He even has his reserved day on the calendar: October 7!

Marinera, baile típico del Perú.

The history of the Northern Marinera

The story of this dance, like many others, is diffuse and is lost in time. It is difficult to ensure its origin exactly, although there are several theories:

    • Spanish origin: It is believed that it comes from a European ballroom dance which, over time, is acquiring elements of American culture (in Chile they have the “Cueca”).
    • Indigenous origin: There are references to a similar dance in ceramics of the Moche and Inca culture.
    • African origin: It is identified as a variant of the Lundú dance (Lando samba) typical of slaves arriving in Peru.

In any case, we could say that it is a Creole dance that comes from the zamacueca (or is renamed) and that brings together Spanish, African and indigenous elements. A mirror of Peru.

Northern Marinera on horseback

Not only do you dance for a mixed couple, you can also see the beautiful show that the dancer and her partner offer on the back of a Peruvian horse.

And we say Peruvian horse because their flat step or amble makes it “almost” natural for them to keep up with this beautiful music. The training and the centuries that this breed has traveled the desert coast of Peru make these horses something unique in the world.

Marinera norteña a caballo (Perú).

Videos of this beautiful dance

What better than to demonstrate the movement walking … Here we show you several videos of Northern Marinera.

    • Northern Marinera
    • Northern Marinera on horseback

Northern Marinera Competition

As a national dance of Peru, there are Marinera competition all over the coast. The main ones are:

    • Marinera National competition: It takes place during the month of January in Trujillo, capital of the Northern Marinera. It is the main festival of this beautiful dance.
    • Marinera Champions Exhibition: Here you can see the best dancers in the country. You can enjoy it in March on the boulevard of Asia, 97.5 km south of Lima.
    • Marinera competition of Chiclayo: This important city in northern Peru hosts the festival annually. It is, along with Trujillo, one of the must-see stops for lovers of this dance.

Where to enjoy the Northern Marinera?

While the Northern Marinera, as its name implies, is typical of the north coast of Peru, you can also enjoy this dance, or a variant, in Lima. You can go to Brisas del Titicaca or better yet, if you can move, go to Mamacona ranch (just outside Lima). That’s where we enjoy this beautiful show.

And if you have time on your trip through Peru, we recommend that you travel to the north coast to enjoy the best Northern Marinera, as well as the places of interest found there:

    • icono mapaTrujillo city: Nice city of colonial origin (founded by Francisco Pizarro). It stands out for its beautiful historical center, its great climate, its beaches … and for being one of the capitals of the Northern Marinera. Also, on the outskirts of the city, you can find stunning huacas and the ancient city of Chan Chan.

      Trujillo, ciudad de la Marinera norteña (Perú).

    • icono mapaLambayeque area: If you travel to the north of Peru, do not forget to visit Lambayeque (near Chiclayo). Here are impressive Huacas and the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, one of the most important archaeological sites of the last decades. It is located 215 km from Trujillo. (Read more about the tomb of the Lord of Sipán).

      Tumba del Señor de Sipán en Lambayeque (Perú)

    • icono mapaHuacas: The entire north coast of Peru is rich in huacas (truncated pyramid-shaped temples). These are near, even inside, the cities of Trujillo and Chiclayo. Be sure to visit them on your trip through Peru. (Read more about the huacas of northern Peru)

      Huaca del Sol, Trujillo (Perú)

Come to Peru and enjoy its natural wonders, monuments, archaeological remains, gastronomy … and of his beautiful typical dances!

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