Ski resorts in Santiago, enjoying the Andes.

Santiago has many attractions: the Main Square, San Cristobal hill, La Moneda palace, Santa Lucía hill, Costanera Center viewpoint, Bellavista neighborhood, its roasts and hot dogs … And above all, for ski lovers, are the ski resorts located one step away from the city.

You have 4 ski resorts only 40 km from Santiago. In addition, the height to which they are located, their good height difference, the km of skiable track, the quality of the snow and the proximity to the city, make of ski resort one of the best destinations in South America to enjoy this sport.

Do not hesitate, although the winter is over, you’re still in time to enjoy the last descents this year.

1. What are the Ski Resorts in Santiago?

The ski resorts are:

    • El Colorado: It is the ski resort that best combines tracks of low, medium and high difficulty. Ideal for the whole family. (see ski slopes map)

      El Colorado ski resort. Chile

    • La Parva: It is the closest ski resort to Santiago and has the highest percentage of ski slopes for experts. (see ski slopes map)

      La Parva ski resort. Chile

    • Valle Nevado: It is the most modern ski resort. Its ski slopes are more demanding than in El Colorado ski resort, but without reaching the level of La Parva. (see ski slopes map)

      Valle Nevado ski resort. Chile

    • Farellones It is the smallest and cheapest of the 4 centers. Ideal for people who start skiing and for alternative sports: descent in fat bike, canopy, tubing, … (see map)

All the stations are great, so you can visit them until you find your favorite tracks. In addition, Valle Nevado, La Parva and El Colorado are intercommunicated, so if you want, you can change stations on the same day (with the appropriate pass).

2. Where are the Ski Resorts in Santiago?

They are located very close to Santiago: Farellones at 36 km, La Parva at 38 km, El Colorado at 39 km and Valle Nevado at 46 km.

Ski resorts in Santiago de Chile

There is no excuse for not approaching practicing your favorite sport!

3. How to get to the Ski Resorts in Santiago?

There are several options to get here:

    1. By car. It is the most direct and quick way to get there. However, keep in mind that it may be necessary to carry snow chains and that you will not be able to upload later than 1:00 p.m. After that time, only downhill traffic is allowed from the ski resorts.
    2. By van. It is the most economical way to get to the ski slopes. You can take the van at the Omnium Shopping Center, located at Apoquindo 4900 avenue (Las Condes). Several companies operate in this shopping center. Another option is to take the van from one of the stores located on Las Condes Avenue, in Cantagallo, … In addition to renting equipment they offer shuttle service to the ski slopes: SkiAhorro, Masski, …

Road to ski resorts in Santiago de Chile

4. When can you enjoy the Ski Resorts in Santiago?

The ski season, unlike in Europe, usually lasts from June to September, depending on the snow that has fallen each year.

Ski in Santiago de Chile

5. Comparison of the Ski Resorts in Santiago

The 3 main ski resorts are wonderful. The quality of its snow and facilities make them totally recommendable. However, if you prefer to know what its features are, we show you summarized:

Ski Resorts km of ski slopes Minimum height Maximum height Slope
El Colorado 40 km 2.430 masl 3.333 masl 903 m
Valle Nevado 37 km 2.860 masl 3.670 masl 810 m
La Parva 38 km 2.653 masl 3.574 masl 921 m

The ski resort of Farellones is much smaller, but no less fun to spend the day there with children or novices in this sport.

6. Where to rent a ski equipment in Santiago?

You can rent your equipment in the ski resorts and specialty stores, that you can find in the Omnium Shopping Center, located in Apoquindo avenue 4900 (Las Condes), Las Condes avenue, Mall Sport, etc…

7. Where to stay in the Ski Resorts?

If instead of approaching on the day you prefer to sleep at the foot of the track contemplating beautiful views of Santiago and the mountain range, you can stay in one of the Accommodations available in the area or look for accommodation in the ski resorts: La Parva, El colorado, Valle Nevado o Farellones.

8. How much does it cost to enjoy skiing in Santiago?

The prices for the 2018 season, without taking into account possible offers, are the following:

Ski resorts Price per day Season pass
El Colorado $28.600 – $39.600 (Mon-Fri)
$32.175 – $44.550 (Sat-Sun)
$89.000 – $850.000
(according to age)
Valle Nevado $29.700 (Mon-Fri)
$35.000 (Sat-Sun)
$183.000 – $765.000
(according to age)
La Parva $34.000 (Mon-Sun) Low Season
$47.500 (Mon-Sun) High Season
$205.000 – $795.000
(according to age)
Farellones $15.000 – $25.650 (Mon-Sun) N/A

If you buy early enough you can enjoy additional discounts on the prices indicated. You also have the option of online purchase of passes and thus save money on access to the station, equipment rental, classes, restaurants and transportation:Discounts in El Colorado, Promotions in Valle Nevado and Promotions in La Parva.

In addition, since the 3 main ski centers are connected to each other, you can also buy a season pass to visit all them.

9. In what condition are the ski slopes?

If you have doubts about the snow level that the ski resorts can have and how many ski slopes are open, you can check it through their website:

The nature in Chile is lush. In winter you can ski and in summer to do a lot of routes both near Santiago: Maipo Canyon, Trekking of the Olivares river y Yerba Loca natural park, and in the north, center and south of the country: Torres del Paine, Atacama Desert, Navarino Island (The southernmost trekking in the world), Pucon (Chilean Araucania), Los Lagos region,… Do not hesitate, grab your backpack and discover this wonderful country!

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