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The Huaca of the Sun (Moche Culture).

The immense Huaca of the Sun was the main building of the ancient city of Moche. Built as an administrative and political center, it completely dominated the valley in which the city was located.

It was located at one end of the city, being visible from all over it. In addition, as part of the night-day duality, it had its opposite in the Temple of the Moon, located at the other end of the city.

The Huaca of the Sun

Its size is impressive: 40 meters high by 345 meters long and 150 meters wide. Keep in mind that it is damaged. At the time it was even bigger and spectacular than now.

Huaca of the Sun, Trujillo (Peru).

Although it is damaged by the passage of time, by some torrential rains, by the diversion of the Moche river and by the excavations of the huaqueros (treasure hunters), some of the millions of bricks are still visible in this majestic building.

Detail of adobe bricks in the Huaca of the Sun, Trujillo (Peru).

The Huaca of the Sun and the Huaca of the Moon were not isolated from the population but were part of the Moche city. They were located at the ends of the city, with streets, squares, and buildings among them. An advanced city for pre-Hispanic times.

Explanatory mural about Moche city, with the Huaca of the Sun represented (Peru).

Today, there are hardly any archaeological remains of this city. However, the views of the Huaca of the Sun and the artistic richness of the Huaca of the Moon are worth it.

Archeological remains of Moche city with the Huaca of the Sun in the background, Trujillo (Peru).

Once you have just contemplated it, continue your visit to the Huaca of the Moon, which is somewhat better preserved and contains interesting archaeological remains of several temples.

Huaca of the Moon in front of the Huaca of the Sun, Trujillo (Peru).

Additionally, you can visit the Huacas of Moche museum, where you can see detailed aspects of the life and customs of the Moche society.

How to get to Huaca of the Sun?

This huaca is located on the outskirts of the city of Trujillo, so you will first have to get there.

    • By plane: It’s 45 minutes flight from Lima. You currently have two airlines that link Lima with Trujillo: Latam and Sky (Find the cheapest flight with Skyscanner).
    • By bus: It takes about 8 hours, but it is economical. If you choose this option, we recommend that you travel with one of the companies with VIP buses (3 seats per row, 160º reclining seat, individual screen per seat, …): Cruz del Sur, Olltursa, … Or travel at night, so the trip will get shorter.

Where to hire a visit to Huaca of the Sun?

In the colonial center of Trujillo you have a lot of tourist agencies that offer you the visit to the Huaca of the Sun and the Moon. If you go ahead, book your trip directly there. It will come cheap.

In the case of going just in time, you can also hire the visits through the internet. We did it with Travelers Tours Peru and we liked it (we visited Trujillo and Chiclayo in a weekend).

Where to stay in Trujillo?

Trujillo is the 3rd city of Peru by number of inhabitants, so you have a multitude of options at your disposal.

Our recommendation is that you stay in Trujillo for a couple of days, so that you have time to see the remains of the Chan Chan city, the Huaca of the Sun, the Huaca of the Moon and the Huaca of the Dragon/Rainbow, as well as visit the colonial center of the city and enjoy its beaches and tototora horses.

Places of interest near the Huaca of the Sun

    • icono mapaChan Chan city: It was the largest adobe-built city in America. It is formed by 10 majestic citadels decorated with marine motifs. It was the administrative capital of the Chimu culture. (Read more about Chan Chan city)

      Archaeological remains in Chan Chan city, Trujillo (Peru).

    • icono mapaTrujillo: It is known for the city of eternal spring. Famous not only for its climate, it has a beautiful historical center of colonial origin and many other archaeological sites nearby: Chan Chan city, the Huaca of the Dragon/Rainbow, El Brujo, Cao Lady, Huaca Prieta, … Do not forget to enjoy its beaches, where you will see its typical totora horses (boats/surfboard made with rushes).

      Trujillo (Peru).

    • icono mapaLambayeque: Visit this area as part of your tour of northern Peru. It is located 215 km from Trujillo, but it is worth it to complete your visit. Here you can enjoy more huacas and the impressive tomb of the Lord of Sipan (Read more about the tomb of the Lord of Sipan).

      Tomb of the Lord of Sipan in Lambayeque (Peru)

The Huaca of the Sun is impressive. But it is not the only one, there are many more huacas in the Peruvian north. And more destinations within the beautiful Peru: Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, Nazca, Huaraz (Cordillera Blanca), Iquitos, … Prepare your trip to Peru now!

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