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The buddhist Shanti Stupa Temple (India).

The Buddhist Shanti Stupa Temple is small and newly built (1991), but not less interesting than other places in the area.

Buddhist Shanti Stupa Temple

This beautiful brigth white temple literally means “Stupa (stupa) of Peace (shanti)”. The stupa means a building that keeps Buddhist relics.

Buddhist Shanti Stupa temple, Leh (India).

On the first level, you will find the mythical “Dharmachakra” (spinning wheel of the Dharma) flanked by deer. On the second floor, highlights the statue of the Buddha and a series of murals about his life: birth, defeating demons and his death.

You can also find a small meditation room inside the temple.

And it is not only worth the visit for the temple itself, being located on a hill from there you will have spectacular views of the Himalayas. It’s such an amazing view!

Square in the Buddhist Shanti Stupa temple, Leh (India).

Curiosities of the temple:

    • Its construction was not financed in India, but was financed by three Japanese Buddhists. It is a symbol of the ties between Buddhist Japan and this area of India.
    • It is consecrated by the Dalai Lama himself.
    • It commemorates 2,500 years of Buddhism.

How to get to the Buddhist Shanti Stupa Temple?

It is simple since it is located on the outskirts of Leh. You can go with an agency that shows you this beautiful temple, along with others in the area, or you can even hire a taxi to take you there (it is very cheap).

And, if you are fit, you can walk from the base of the city to the temple. Of course, remember that there are 500 stairs and find you at 3,500 masl.

Where to stay near the Buddhist Shanti Stupa Temple?

We recommend that you stay in Leh, which being the most important city in the area has more options for hotels and hostels.

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It is from here that excursions depart to see nearby temples and Hemis National Park.

Nearby places of interest

    • icono mapaLeh city: It is the capital of the state of Ladhk and, therefore, the place from where to start excursions in the area. In addition, it has attractions in itself: the old Royal Palace, typical markets, monasteries, … The Buddhist monastery of Shanti Stupa is located on the outskirts (5 km).

      Leh near Buddhist Shanti Stupa temple, Ladakh (India).

    • icono mapaHemis monastery: It is the main Buddhist monastery in the area, being famous for the statue representing Padmasambhava and for its annual festival in his honor. It is 46 km from Shanti Stupa Buddhist Monastery. (Read more about the Hemis Monastery).

      Hemis monastery, Leh (India).

    • icono mapaThikse monastery: Majestic Buddhist monastery located on the route through the city of Leh. Although it is not as important as the Hemis monastery, you cannot miss a short visit during your tour. It is 21 km from Buddhist Shanti Stupa Temple and 16.5 km from Leh.

      Thikse monastery, Ladakh (India)

    • icono mapaTrekking through the Himalayas: Imagine walking beautiful paths, crossing rivers through typical bridges in the area, sleeping looking at the stars, getting up looking at the Himalayas … Hire your experience in Leh and enjoy the magic of this area!

      Trekking near Buddhist Shanti Stupa temple. Leh, Lakadh (India)

Buddhist Shanti Stupa Temple is one of your must-see stops if you visit Leh and its surroundings. A place to enjoy Buddhist construction and views of the Himalayas. Write it on your route!

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