Tips for visiting Vienna in 2 days.

The following tips for visiting Vienna will allow you to get to know the city in 2 days, enough time to see the main attractions of this historic European city.

Tips for visiting Vienna

These are 6 tips to visit Vienna in 2 days, we hope they are useful to you!

1. When to visit the city of Vienna?

Although you can visit it all year round, traveling in winter is not a bad idea, far from it. On the contrary, it is a season that brings with it the good night, the new year and, with them, the popular Vienna Christmas markets, the ice rinks, the illuminated city … A whole atmosphere of joy and festivity.

Tips for visiting Vienna: Christmas decoration in Vienna (Austria).

2. Travel time

This answer is very relative. We would say that two days is enough to see the main places of Vienna, especially if you are passing through, but the duration of the trip will depend a lot on your preferences.

3. Where to stay in the city of Vienna?

Accommodation in Vienna is characterized by moderate prices. Although it is not one of the most expensive capitals in terms of accommodation, it is not one of the cheapest in Europe. The prices are from 40 euros onwards depending on the hotel, the number of stars and, above all, depending on the season in which you visit the city.

The best areas to stay in Vienna are the Innere Stadt (the historic center) and the neighboring districts (preferably districts 2 to 9). Any area included in its surroundings is central and very comfortable for sightseeing; as well as, to find restaurants, supermarkets or places to have a drink.

4. What clothes to wear on your visit to Vienna?

In winter warm clothes undoubtedly. Okay, we know that with this tip we have not discovered gunpowder, but we must say that the winter was not as hard as we expected. The minimums do not drop below -2ºC and the maximums are above 11ºC.

You also don’t need to wear special clothes to visit the opera. You have the option to see a work in the upper area. It’s cheap and you won’t be required to dress up.

5. What to eat in Vienna?

The Austrian gastronomy is not as recognized worldwide as the Peruvian or Spanish, but also has some interesting dishes:

    • Viennese schnitzel: One of the classics that you must taste. Veal meat (may also be pork) breaded and fried in butter.
    • Viennese sausages: Delicious typical Viennese sausages. They are known throughout the world.
    • Frittatensuppe: Beef soup with pancake strips.
    • Liptauer: Cheese spread with some spice.
    • Goulash: Typical meat stew from Austria and other eastern European countries.

Although there are quite a few well-rated restaurants in town, we opted for a more humble option … Delicious Viennese sausages and a Pretzel at a local tavern.

6. Tips for visiting Vienna: What to see in the city of Vienna?

The Austrian capital is history, it is future and, above all, it is art and culture. This vibrant and elegant city is home to numerous attractions that you cannot miss:

    • Tips for visiting Vienna: icono mapaVienna State Opera: Who has never dreamed of going to the opera? and, perhaps, to be disappointed at the same time imagining the high prices. But, if we tell you that with only 7 euros you can enjoy a show at the Opera in Vienna, what would you say? What would you love to visit it? Well, that option exists, and even if you are in the last row, believe us it is worth it.

      Tips for visiting Vienna: State opera.

    • Tips for visiting Vienna: icono mapaHofburg Imperial Palace: The Hofburg Palace is Baroque and the largest in the city of Vienna. It was the residence of the Habsburg dynasty and the emperors of Austro-Hungarian. Today, it is the residence of the President of the Austrian Republic. Leaving history a little aside, we will tell you that, both outside and inside, the Hofburg imperial palace amazes you with that baroque and at the same time elegant style typical of this European capital. It is simply a must visit.

      Tips for visiting Vienna: Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna (Austria).

    • Tips for visiting Vienna: icono mapaSisi museum: Here you can see the room where the famous empress lived, personal items, beautiful paintings, … It is located inside the Hofburg Palace.

      Tips for visiting Vienna: Sisi Empress Museum, Vienna (Austria).

    • Consejos para visitar Viena: icono mapaSt. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna (Stephansdom): It is located in the heart of the city and is the seat of its archbishopric. Outside you can enjoy its Gothic style and inside you should know that it houses the mortal remains of a large part of the members of the Habsburg family. In addition, it was the place of wedding and subsequent funeral of the genius Mozart. From here, going up endless spiral staircases, you can enjoy beautiful views of the city of Vienna.

      St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria.

    • Tips for visiting Vienna: icono mapaVienna City Hall: Beautiful neo-Gothic construction. It stands out highly for an imposing and slender tower 105 meters high.

      Vienna City Hall, Austria.

    • Tips for visiting Vienna: icono mapaAustrian National Library: It was built under the mandate of Emperor Carlos VI during the 18th century. More than a library we would say that it is a kind of library museum of the most beautiful and historical in the world.

      Tips for visiting Vienna in 2 days: Austrian National Library.

    • Tips for visiting Vienna: icono mapaAlbertina Museum: From Monet to Picasso, the Albertina offers a unique insight into Vienna and Austria, and their most interesting art history, from French Impressionism to the present day. The general admission price for the Albertina museum is 17.90 euros. For more information on schedules, consult the website.

      Albertina Museum, Vienna (Austria).

    • Tips for visiting Vienna: icono mapaArt History museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum): It is one of the most important fine art museums in the world. It stands out for its extensive collection of works by Rubens and Brueghel the Elder. It is located in a spectacular palace on Ringstraße avenue.

      Museum of Art History, Vienna (Austria).

    • icono mapaSchönbrunn Palace: Beautiful palatial ensemble of buildings, statues and gardens. It is, together with the Belvedere Palace (which we did not have time to see), one of the landmarks in Vienna on an architectural level. Stands out for different tourist attractions:
        • Main building: Declared a World Heritage Site, it is one of the most visited places in the city of Vienna. Its construction began in 1696, ending in 1701. However, it has had different extensions and remodeling to date.

          Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna (Austria).

        • Gloriette of the Schönbrunn Palace: Artistic construction that puts the icing on the cake to this environment. From here you have the best views of the palace.

          Gazebo of the Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna (Austria).

        • Roman ruins: Here is also a reconstruction of archaeological remains of Roman settlements. One more complement to this beautiful environment.

          Roman ruins in Schönbrunn Palace Gardens, Vienna (Austria).

    • Tips for visiting Vienna: icono mapaVienna Sacher Hotel: Imagine you with a newspaper in hand (one of those huge ones), smelling an exquisite Viennese coffee, sitting in red armchairs of yesteryear, inside one of the oldest Cafes in Vienna. Well, that is the experience that the Sacher hotel in Vienna makes you feel, an atmosphere of history. Although it is true, here the Sacher cake is very famous, particularly we must say that we liked more the one that we ate in the tavern. In the end, for tastes the colors.

      Sacher cake at Hotel Sacher, Vienna (Austria).

    • Typical Viennese tavern: They have a special atmosphere. Starting with the calm atmosphere, friendly treatment, and privacy … I don’t know, we would say that you can discover the customs of its inhabitants, especially if you move away from the tourist areas … You live Vienna in all its splendor!

      Typical tavern in Vienna, Austria (Europe).

    • Tips for visiting Vienna: icono mapaPrater: It is the amusement park in Vienna and, at the same time, the oldest in the world. Prater’s season runs from March to October, however his famous giant Ferris wheel is open year-round. It was the last visit on our “What to See in Vienna!” List. One of the most nostalgic places we remember from Vienna.

      Prater, Vienna (Austria).

We hope you find these tips for visiting Vienna useful on your trip . Prepare your trip for Eastern Europe now and come to discover Vienna, Prague, Zagreb, Budapest, …

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