Tourist places to visit after Covid-19

It is not time to travel, the global pandemic is serious and it is necessary to take drastic measures, but that this does not affect our dreams. Meanwhile, you have to think about tourist places to visit after Covid-19!

After a certain time and with adequate sanitary measures, we will be able to revisit and enjoy incredible places: ancient ruins, unique monuments, modern cities, natural parks of overflowing beauty, …

We leave you below our list of places to visit after Covid-19, hopefully it will inspire you!

Tourist places to visit after Covid-19

    • Cartagena: The happiest city in the world. Its old streets, buildings, walls … Its street entertainment, with musicians and vendors, make this city a special place. In addition, you can enjoy some dream islands within a few miles of navigation. (Tips and travel experience in Cartagena)

      Tourist places to visit after Covid-19: Cartagena (Colombia).

    • Machu Picchu: Undoubtedly one of the new wonders of the world. And not only for the ruins of the citadel, the surrounding valleys and mountains make Machu Picchu a magical and energetic place. It is the best place to recharge “good vibes”. (Tips and travel experience in Machu Picchu)

      Tourist places to visit after Covid-19: Machu Picchu (Peru).

    • Rome: The Eternal City. Here you will literally find monuments and places of interest on every corner. A whole open-air museum of Roman civilization. And while you visit the city you will be able to enjoy the magnificent Italian gastronomy: artisan ice creams, pizzas, pasta of different types, …

      Tourist places to visit after Covid-19: Rome (Italy).

    • Japan: It is a country of contrasts: High technology, deep-rooted traditions, great education and strange hobbies for a Westerner. Also, if you plan your trip in 2021, you can enjoy the Tokyo Olympics.

      Tourist places to visit after Covid-19: Japan.

    • Perito Moreno Glacier: It is one of the most impressive glaciers in the world. It is quite a spectacle to listen to the crunch of the ice, as well as to see the landslides of large blocks of the front of the glacier. Well accessible by land, it is one of the few glaciers that is well preserved. What is more, it even advances, it does not regress. (Tips and travel experience in Perito Moreno glacier)

      Tourist places to visit after Covid-19: Perito Moreno glacier (Argentina).

    • Uyuni salt flat: One of the most special places in the Andean world. Its impressive salt plain is lost on the horizon, leading to a loss of perspective, a mirror effect in the rainy season, … It is a magical place! (Tips and travel experience in Uyuni salt flat)

      Tourist places to visit after Covid-19: Uyuni salt flat (Bolivia).

    • Iguazu waterfalls: Unique show in the world. It is impressive to see hundreds of waterfalls “breaking” the jungle, as well as a varied flora and fauna (including the bird park in the Brazilian zone). Feel the nature in all its splendor! (Tips and travel experience in Iguazú waterfalls)

      Tourist places to visit after Covid-19: Iguazú waterfalls (Argentina and Brazil).

    • Torres del Paine: One of the quintessential destinations in Chile. Natural beauty of Patagonia in its purest form. And not only for its famous towers, but there is also a tour (circuit W) throughout the park where you can enjoy this wild nature. (Tips and travel experience in Torres del Paine Natural Park)

      Tourist places to visit after Covid-19: Torres del Paine (Chile).

    • Riviera Maya: This tourist destination combines great archaeological monuments and fun on its fabulous beaches like no other, with Carmen beach, Tulum and Chichen Itzá being the most outstanding places (although there are many more in the area).

      Riviera Maya (Mexico).

    • Prague: Like Rome, the beauty of this eastern European city is breathed in every corner. Its medieval style, with cobbled alleys, museums, bridges and castles, make Prague one of the places you must visit at least once in your life. (Tips and travel experience in Prague)

      Prague (Czech Republic).

These are our preferences for tourist places to visit after Covid-19, but tell us about your dream places. Those who are still pending and would like to meet (and who you will meet!) …

P.S.: Official links with information about Covid-19: (Official information to Spain), (Official information to Peru), (Official information to Chile), (Official information to Argentina), (Official information to Colombia).

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