Traveling cheap following these 10 tips

Traveling cheap is the goal that we all want. Visiting new places, monuments, cultures, … at a low price is not easy, but it does not have to be impossible either.

You must take into account a series of variables: date to travel, if it is high or low season, if it is a fashionable destination, the exchange rate of the currency of the country to visit, options for transportation available to arrive, types of accommodation, etc …

If you choose well, traveling cheap to very interesting places is possible.

Tips for traveling cheap

      1. Choose the date of the trip well. There are places that can be visited well outside the high season. In this way you will save money on transportation and accommodation. For example: Machu Picchu (October-November, May-June), South of Spain (autumn), etc …It is also a good option to travel during the week, if you have availability, since it is usually cheaper.
      1. Purchase your plane ticket in advance. Generally, it is better to buy the ticket well in advance for traveling cheap. Of course, it is not always true. Check it well, since it depends on the destination you are going to travel to:
          • Intercontinental trip: It is recommended to buy the ticket between 2-4 months before traveling.
          • Europe: 6-8 weeks in advance is enough.

        As it is somewhat variable we recommend that you use the tools that web browsers give you to detect the best moments to buy your ticket. Skyscanner allows you to set price alerts, it tells you the cheapest months to travel by destination, at what time to book at a lower price, etc …

      1. Use the flight search engines. Today there are many search engines for flights and hotels on the internet that help you find the best options for cheap travel. Its main functionalities are:
            • Flight search in a month: If you have the flexibility to choose your flight dates, you can search for the best price option within a specific month.
            • Filtering cheaper destinations: Select the origin and the web tells you the cheapest destinations.
            • Selection of the airlines with the best prices: The options shown by the search engine can include different companies for the round trip to improve the price of your flight.
            • Choose the option of flying with a stopover. In general, it is cheaper to choose flights with stopovers in 1 or several airports during your trip. Of course, check well, since there are scales of a few hours and others much longer (for example 32 hours).

        The most prominent search engines are: Skyscanner, Atrapalo, Edreams

      1. Travel in low cost companies. They tend to be cheaper if you adjust your comfort to the maximum: do not choose a seat, do not check your suitcase, airports farther away from the city, support all the promotions that you do during the flight, etc … But compare well since depending on the route, the dates and the anticipation in the purchase are not always the best option.The low cost companies best known for cheap travel are: Ryanair, Norwegian, Easyjet and Eurowings.
      1. Make several days’ stopovers in a city on the way to your destination. This option is little known, as it is usually only available if you buy your ticket in an agency, but it allows you to make 2 trips in 1. Indicate to the travel agency your desired scale and the duration of it, such as: a 2-3 day stopover in Miami on your trip to the city of Lima.
      1. Look for last minute deals. If you have availability to travel almost immediately, and you do not have a specific destination in mind, there are websites that show last minute deals with destinations of all kinds. The discounts they offer are usually pretty good. However, check well since not all offers published are last minute bargains.The web of last-minute offers is Lastminute , although there are already other travel companies that take into account this type of travel: Atrapalo, Nautalia, etc…
      1. Use search engines of hotels, hostels, houses and tourist apartments. There are a large number of websites that allow you to choose an accommodation in your destination. You have them of all kinds and adjusted to your needs: number of seats, level of comfort, proximity to the center or tourist places, price, …The most used search engines are: Booking, Airbnb, Hoteles y Trivago.

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      1. Choose destinations whose currency is cheap. If you still have many countries to know, choose one that has a currency with a favorable exchange rate at the time of your trip. In this way you will pay less for the accommodation as well as food, excursions, shopping, etc … Today, there are countries like Mexico, Japan and Peru that have a fairly favorable exchange rate for someone traveling from Europe.
      1. Travel with Interrail. It is the best option if you want to visit different destinations in the same area for several weeks. Even if you plan well, you can sleep during night trips and thus save on accommodation.From the Interrail official website you can configure the trip to your liking to adjust the price as much as possible.
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      1. Choose short distance transport well. You can travel by train (it is used more in Europe than in Spain) or by bus. There are several specialized websites that allow you to compare schedules and prices options of different companies: GoEuro and Trabber are the most important.Also you can rent a car to go around the destinations that you like the most. However, keep in mind when renting that it is more expensive to pick up the vehicle at an airport/train station and that there is also a surcharge to return it in a city other than the one of origin.Another option, more and more widespread, is car sharing during a journey (Blablacar). Besides traveling cheap and safe (they already include insurance for passengers), it allows you to meet people and make the trip more enjoyable.

We hope these tips are useful for traveling cheap this summer. We take them into account when traveling and we have saved a lot in our trips this year.

El Uyuni Salt Flat, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, Prague, Egypt and more destinations… They are waiting for you!

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