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7 tips for visiting Iguazu.

Iguazu is one of the natural destinations of South America par excellence. There is no other place in the world where you can watch hundreds of waterfalls springing from the jungle.

There are many places to see: the waterfalls on the Argentine side, those on the Brazilian side, take a boat to the base of several waterfalls, visit the Itaipú dam (the largest energy production in the world), the remains of the old Jesuit missions,…

Do not hesitate, prepare your trip to Iguazu and keep in mind the following tips:

    1. When is the best time to visit Iguazu? While you can visit all year round, the best season is from March to May, as temperatures are milder. If you prefer to see more caudal in the falls, travel between December and January, although keep in mind that temperatures will be higher.
    2. Travel time. If you want to see only the natural park of the Iguazu Falls, with 2 days is enough: one day for the Argentine side and another day for the Brazilian side (including the visit to the bird park. To see the dam of itaipú you will need one more day (located between Brazil and Paraguay) and, if you want to see the remains of the Jesuit missions (Argentina), count an additional day.
    3. Where to stay?You can choose between 2 locations: Puerto Iguazu on the Argentine side and Foz do Iguazu on the Brazilian side. If you prefer a smaller, quiet place with lower prices Puerto Iguazu should be your choice. On the contrary, if you prefer a bigger city, with more animation, but higher price, choose Foz do Iguazu.
    4. How to get to Iguazu? Most of the options are to stop in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, depending on the destination: Foz do Iguazu or Puerto Iguazu. Although there is also some direct international option, such as via Lima. Check it well before you travel.
    5. What to wear? Wear comfortable clothes since you are going to walk a lot. In the case of the Brazilian side, wear clothes that dry quickly, like running shirts, as you get wet enough. In addition, if you take the boat tour, take a swimsuit and a towel, as you can change in the changing rooms before you start and, after finishing, you can take a shower with hot water. Do not forget a hat, sunscreen and, if you are very annoyed by mosquitoes, a repellent.
    6. Camera In the Argentine side you will have no problem, but when touring the Brazilian side we recommend that you carry a hermetic plastic bag (the typical bag to freeze) to keep the camera in the areas most at risk of getting wet. In case you do the visit by boat, you can leave the camera in the locker or carry it well protected with the plastic bag.
    7. Visit of the interior of Itaipu Dam. To see the inside of the dam it is necessary to reserve as 3-4 days before your visit. This reservation must be processed through your hotel (Brazilian side). This way you can tour the interior and see the structure, machinery and systems. Thus the visit is more complete than just seeing it from the surface.

We hope you have found it useful and, if you want to know more, we leave you as a reference our experience in this natural park and the visit to the bird park.

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Gaviotina in Iguazu

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