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7 tips to visit the city of Lima.

The city of Lima, also known as the City of Kings, is not only the gateway to Machu Picchu. It is one of the most vibrant capitals of South America, both for its history and for its tourist and gastronomic offer.

There is so much to see and enjoy in Lima: its centenary historic center, the archaeological remains of several pre-Inca huacas, the Pacific Ocean from the boardwalk, its restaurants, nightclubs, parks, sunsets, …

To make the most of your trip, we show you the following tips to visit the wonderful city of Lima.

1. When is the best time to visit Lima?

Due to the situation of the city of Lima, any time of year is good to visit. However, keep these points in mind to choose your date:

    • If you prefer good weather, summer is your best option (December-March). This also applies to any destination located on the coast: Trujillo, Chiclayo, …
    • On the other hand, if you are going to visit it during a trip through Peru, we recommend you travel between June-August. It is not the best time to see the city, since it is winter, but it is the best time to see Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the jungle… Both in the Andes and in the jungle are in the dry season (although to rain something).
    • If you like food fairs, we recommend you travel in September, which is when the Mistura fair is celebrated.

As you see, it depends on the type of trip you want to make.

2. How much time is necessary to visit the city of Lima?

From 2 to 3 days is enough, depending on the places you want to visit. There are tourists who prefer to focus on the historical part of Lima, others enjoy their restaurants, …

To make it easier for you to plan that you can see in the days available, both in Lima and in the rest of Peru, we have created this travel configurator. Select the available days and we indicate in a summarized way what places to see and how long it will take you.

3. How to get to the city of Lima?

The city of Lima is a destination of the first order in South America. This is why has enough flight availability, both direct and with scale, from the main cities.

If you are traveling from Spain, we recommend you look at the option for technical stopovers in Miami, Bogotá, Guayaquil or Mexico DF . In one of the journeys that is technical, a few hours, and in the other journey that is several days. In this way you can visit an additional destination on your trip without spending more money.

4. Where to stay in the city of Lima?

While there are accommodations throughout the city, it is in the district of Miraflores where the offer is higher. Most of the hotels, hostels and tourist apartments are concentrated here, since this area has many restaurants, shops and places of leisure.

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5. Move around the city of Lima

You have different options to move around the city:

    • Metropolitano: Equivalent to a metro in surface formed by buses. This is the fastest and most economical option to access downtown Lima.
    • S.I.T. Bus Buses of the municipality. They are formal and have both a price and a regulated schedule.
    • Taxi: You have at your disposal different types:
        • Informals: The majority in Lima. While most do not present any problems, they are not recommended for use at night or in long distances by tourists. As a reference, these are the fees that an informal taxi driver should charge you for traveling to the main tourist places:
          From: To: Fee
          Kennedy Park Larcomar mall 5-6 soles
          Kennedy Park Museum of the nation 15-18 soles
          Kennedy Park Huaca Puccllana 6-8 soles
          Kennedy Park Main square 20-22 soles
          Kennedy Park San Martin< square/td>

          18-20 soles
          Kennedy Park Gold Museum of Peru and Weapons 20-25 soles
          Kennedy Park Barranco (Puente Suspiros) 10-12 soles

          They are not closed prices, depending on the need of the taxi driver, traffic and day of the week may change, but this is the reference you should have to avoid scams.

        • Legal: Taxis that have the patent number painted on the door. They are more recommendable than informal ones, being the price somewhat higher than the informal taxis.
        • Taxi per APP: Easy Taxi, Taxi Satelital y Uber are the main options available. In addition to a safe taxi, with them you can pay with a card safely as well. The difference in price with the informal ones in short distances if it is considerable, not so in medium or long distances.
        • Associated with hotels: This option is the most comfortable but also the most expensive. In some cases they will even charge you in dollars.
    • Rental car: It is an option but we do not recommend it. Prices are not cheap, full insurance is essential and the taxi is very cheap. In Peru, as a rule, you drive in a fairly “informal way”, so you have to get used to it …
    • Micros, custers, combis and vans: Different mobilities to move around Lima. They are very cheap but somewhat uncomfortable. We do not recommend them because you have to know their route and some are quite informal.

About the light metro, we do not give you details since it does not connect with tourist places.

6. What places of interest are there in the city of Lima?

There are a multitude of places for all opinions. The ones that call us the most attention are:

    • icono mapaMain square: Here is the Cathedral, Government Palace and the municipality of Lima. It is not as old, since it is the 2nd reconstruction after several earthquakes affected it in the past.

      Main square in the city of Lima

    • icono mapaBasilica of San Francisco: Colonial temple that stands out for its cloister, library and wood finishes. In its foundations are the catacombs of Lima, which are visited during the visit.

      Basilica of San Francisco

    • icono mapaSan Martin square: Here you can see the equestrian statue in honor of General San Martin, liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

      San Martin square in the city of Lima

    • icono mapaCapon (Chinatown): Located in the center of Lima, next to the central market, is this small neighborhood where many Chinese newcomers to the country stayed. Nowadays, what you can see are restaurants, Asian products stores and several shops. It should also be noted how all banks in this area have their name also with Chinese characters.

      Chinatown in city of Lima

    • icono mapaMiraflores Boardwalk: Nice walk from where you can see the sea, the green coast and the impressive cliffs that separate the Miraflores area from the shores of the sea.

      Miraflores Boardwalk

    • icono mapaKennedy Park: Neuralgic center and meeting point in Miraflores. It stands out for its wide gardens populated with street cats.

      Kennedy Park

    • icono mapaHuaca Pucllana: Temple of the lime culture in the form of a step pyramid. Built with adobe bricks, it still retains some of its past splendor.

      Huaca Pucllana Miraflores

    • Museums: Of all the options of Lima we highlight two:
    • Restaurants: Without doubt one of the main attractions of the city. The amount and quality of its restaurants make this city the most outstanding in Latin America (3 of its restaurants in the top 10)
    • Panchita resturant

    • Nightlife in the city of Lima: This city not only stands out for its many gastronomic options. The offer of Lima in nightlife is one of the largest and most powerful in South America.
    • La Destileria restobar

    • Sports activities: Of all the available options, the most popular are:
        • Paragliding: On the Miraflores boardwalk, just 200 meters from the Larcomar Shopping Center, you have the option of paragliding. Do not worry if you never did it, since you will be accompanied on the flight by an instructor (in tandem).

          Paragliding in the city of Lima

        • Surf: There are several surf schools on the green coast, just below the Miraflores boardwalk. Prices are cheap and you can hire the teacher for hours, so if you like surfing, this is a good way to experience the city of Lima.

          Surf in the city of Lima

    • Shopping areas:
        • icono mapaPetit Thouars craft markets: In this street there are several markets with countless stores with memories of Peru. They have for sale: chullos (Andean hats), alpaca textile, backpacks, souvenirs in silver, replicas of tumis (ceremonial Inca knives), …
        • icono mapaAvenida la Paz: En esta calle hay multitud de tiendas especializadas en joyas y figuras en plata.
        • Malls: The most accessible is Larcomar shopping center icono mapaas it is located on the Miraflores boardwalk.On the contrary, if you prefer to go to a large shopping center with many shops, the best option is the Jockey Plaza icono mapa.

          Larcomar Mall

      7. Excursions near the city of Lima

      If you have already visited the city of Lima, know Machu Picchu and have more days available to visit the surroundings of Lima, we propose these plans:

        • icono mapaParacas: This coastal area is 250 km from Lima. It stands out both for the nature reserve, with an impressive view of the cliffs, and for the ballestas islands, which house several marine species (penguins, sea lions, dolphins, seagulls and pelicans). Also, if you like windsurfing or kite surfing, Paracas is your place.

          Paracas. Peru

        • icono mapaIca: Population located 300 km from Lima, stands out for its Huacachina lagoon (Oasis) and its immense dunes where you can practice sandboarding or go at full speed in tubular (buggy species).

           Buggy in Ica

        • icono mapaLunahuana: Adventure zone located 185 km from Lima. Here you can go rafting, quad biking, horseback riding or hiking on the slope of the Andes.

          Rafting en Lunahuná

        • icono mapaAsia: Area of beach houses located around the boulevard of Asia (98 km from Lima). It’s in summer when a lot of the atmosphere in Lima is transferred to the restaurants and clubs here. Of course, keep in mind that there are very few hotels, so you’ll have to go in the day or meet someone who gives you an apartment.

      We hope these tips are useful for your trip to Lima. Also, do not miss other destinations within Peru. Use our travel configurator and prepare your route through this incredible country .

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