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7 tips to visit the city of Buenos Aires.

The city of Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, of the tango and, for the followers of the Soda Estereo group, the city of fury. Its streets are a perfect blend of European and American architecture, of Creole food and Italian dishes, of deep traditions and new cultures …

Simply by observing its neighborhoods, monuments and public buildings you can feel the splendor that this city experienced at the beginning of the 20th century. As the capital of Argentina, it attracted a multitude of European emigrants in search of a better life. As a result of this flow of people and the wealth of the country, the city of Buenos Aires was considered one of the richest cities and prosperous in America.

To make the most of your trip, we show you the following tips to visit this wonderful city.

1. When is the best time to visit the city of Buenos Aires?

Although the climate is quite mild throughout the year, spring (September-December) and autumn (March-June) austral are the recommended seasons to visit the city of Buenos Aires. The temperature is mild and with less rainfall than the rest of the year. This way you avoid the summer heat and cold winter nights.

2. How much time is necessary to visit the city of Buenos Aires?

With 3 to 4 days is enough to see the most tourist places. However, as in other cities, you could perfectly be a week discovering and living a lot of experiences …

3. How to get to the city of Buenos Aires?

Argentina is one of the main tourist destinations in South America, so Buenos Aires has a lot of available flights, both direct and with scale, from the main cities.

If you travel from Europe, you have the option of visiting the city of Buenos Aires as a stopover in your trip to Santiago de Chile. When buying the ticket, look at the option of a technical stopover of a few hours on one of the routes and several days on the other. In this way you can visit Buenos Aires on your trip without spending extra money.

4. Where to stay in the city of Buenos Aires?

While there are accommodations throughout the city, it’s in the neighborhoods of Palermo and Recoleta where you’ll find the best offer of restaurants, shops and shows, as well as good communications to get around by the city. Puerto Madero is also a good neighborhood, but it is worse communicated to move around the city.

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5. Move around the city of Buenos Aires

You have different options to move around the city:

    • Subway (Metro): The fastest way to get around the city of Buenos Aires. It reaches any tourist point of Buenos Aires, except Puerto Madero and La Boca.
    • Colectivos: Buses that travel the main avenues and streets of the city of Buenos Aires. There are quite a few lines, so check your itinerary well so as not to make mistakes.
    • Bike: If you like to travel around the city feeling the hustle and bustle, and you are fit, this is the best option.
    • Tourist bus: It is a good option to get to know the main places in a comfortable and cheap way. Choose your ticket of 24 or 48 hours, choose between the 2 routes and get on the bus to move to the tourist places of the city. The frequency of the stops is 20 to 30 minutes, so you have plenty of freedom to move around.
    • Taxis and remises: If there is not much traffic, or you move to La Boca, it is one more option, although more expensive than the Subway. You can take them both on the street and with web applications.
    • Rent a car: Although this option exists, we do not recommend it because the public transport of the city and the fleet of taxis make it unnecessary to move around the city.
    • Trains: Unless you go to the delta of Tigre river, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, it is not necessary to take a train to tour the city.

For the payment of buses, trains and subways we recommend you use the SUBE card. Besides being more comfortable to use, you have no problem with the change, it gives you a discount on buses, trains and associated shops.

6. What places of interest are there in the city of Buenos Aires?

There are a multitude of places for all opinions. The ones that call us the most attention are:

    • icono mapaLa Boca: Popular district that stands out for 2 world-known symbols of the city: Caminito, with its strikingly colored houses, and La Bombonera, football stadium of Boca Juniors.

      La Bombonera. Boca Juniors

      Caminito. City of Buenos Aires

    • icono mapaThe obelisk: Located on Avenue July 9, the widest in the world, it was built in 1936 to commemorate the 400 years since the founding of the city of Buenos Aires.

      Obelisk. City of Buenos Aires

    • icono mapaMay square: The main square of Buenos Aires. Here are the main buildings of the capital of Argentina: Casa Rosada, Metropolitan Cathedral, National bank, City Hall of Buenos Aires, …

      May square. Casa Rosada.

    • icono mapaPuerto Madero: It is the most modern district and one of the most luxurious in the city of Buenos Aires. In this neighborhood the most modern buildings coexist with numerous warehouses and restored buildings of the old port.

      Puerto Madero. City of Buenos Aires.

    • icono mapaMetropolitan Cathedral: Main temple of the city of Buenos Aires. It should be noted the mixture of styles, fruit of the centuries that took to complete completely (eighteenth century to early twentieth century). Here is also the mausoleum with the remains of General San Martin, liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

      Metropolitan Cathedral of the city of Buenos Aires

    • icono mapaSan Telmo: One of the district with more atmosphere in the city of Buenos Aires. Here you can find fashion shops, restaurants and quite an entertainment on the street.

      Musicians in San Telmo. City of Buenos aires

    • icono mapaThe Ateneo Grand Splendid: Bookshop located inside this ancient and beautiful theater. It is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

      Ateneo in city of Buenos Aires

    • icono mapaUnited Nations square: Located in the neighborhood of La Recoleta, the sculpture Floralis Generica stands out. You will also be surprised by the majesty of the Faculty of Law, located on one of the sides of the square.

      Floralis Generica. City of Buenos Aires

    • icono mapaRecoleta Cemetery: Due to the care of pantheons and illustrious people who rest in this cemetery (Evita Perón), this is another of the city’s tourist attractions.

      Recoleta Cemetery

    • icono mapaMuseum of Fine Arts: It is one of the main art museums in Latin America, so if you are an art lover you should not miss it.

      Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Buenos Aires

    • icono mapaJapanese Garden: Nice park that stands out for its careful Japanese-style decoration. Inside there is also a restaurant where you can taste the main dishes of Japanese cuisine.

      Japanese garden

If you have any questions once you are in Buenos Aires, you have several tourist assistance centers throughout the city.

7. Excursions near the city of Buenos Aires

If you have already visited the city and also visited Perito Moreno and Iguazú, we suggest you the following places around the city of Buenos Aires to complete your trip:

    • icono mapaDelta of Tigre river: Just 30 km from Buenos Aires is the mouth of the Tigre River (branch of the Paraná River). It is an area where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy: its islands, boat trips on the canals, its houses and country clubs …

      Delta of Tigre river

    • icono mapaSacramento colony: Although it is located in Uruguay, it only takes 1:15 hours to get there at ferry. This small coastal city stands out for its beautiful historic center, the result of the fusion of Portuguese, Spanish and post-colonial styles.
      Colonia del Sacramento calle típica

      Source: Wikimedia Commons
    • icono mapaMontevideo: The capital of Uruguay is relatively close, on the other side of the Rio de la Plata (2:15 hours at ferry). Go ahead and enjoy the vibrant city of Montevideo on the same trip.
      Montevideo collage

      Source: Wikimedia Commons

We hope these tips are useful for your trip to the city of Buenos Aires. Also, do not miss other destinations within Argentina, such as Perito Moreno Glacier or the Iguazu Falls .

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