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Caral, the oldest civilization in America.

The archaeological remains of the sacred city of Caral, with its 5,000 years old, are a sample of the splendor of the first civilization of Peru and America.

Several centuries before the Chavín culture, Caral flourished on the banks of the Supe River. Located relatively close to the sea and the hills of the Andes, this enclave had agricultural resources that were skillfully taken advantage of by the villagers. This gave them an advantage over other civilizations of the time.

Today there are hardly any visible remains of civilization, but due to its history, it is a trip that we recommend if you like archeology and you are in Lima.

How to get to Caral?

There are several options to get here:

    • Public transport: Take a bus from the center of Lima to the north. Get off at the Mercado stop, in Supe Pueblo. At 50 meters you have a taxi/colectivo stop that will take you to Caral (24 km). The cost in colectivo is 4 soles per person (approximately 1.2 euros).
    • Own car: Head north along the Pan-American Highway until you reach Supe (km 184). There take the detour to Caral (24 km).

Mapa para llegar a Caral

Visit time and fees for the visit to Caral

The visit time is unique for all days (including holidays): 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. It is recommended to arrive before 2:30 p.m. in order to complete the entire trip.

The rate for the visit of the place is 11 soles per person. In addition, the proportional part of the guide must be paid, which is 20 soles per group (maximum 20 people).

In addition, a series of educational trips is also available for private and state institutions (See conditions) that include mobility from Lima and additional visits to the area.

Accommodation in Caral

Since it is relatively close to Lima, it is not essential to book accommodation to sleep there. However, if you prefer to take it easy and take advantage of resting, there are several accommodations with good views of the valley.

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When is the best time to visit Caral?

Like Lima, it can be visited in any time of the year. The weather is quite stable and there are no major changes in temperature and rainfall.

What clothes to wear?

The route is simple and there are no great distances. We only recommend wearing comfortable clothes, sunscreen and a hat, since there is no shade and the sun hits hard.

The sacred city of Caral

On the outskirts of the city, you will find the visitor reception center, where you will pay for the ticket, the guide will be presented and the route to follow will be explained.

When leaving, you will walk along a small path until you reach the entrance to the ancient city of Caral, where you can see the pyramids.

Vista de Caral

Upper area of Caral

In this area there are the most numerous and monumental archaeological remains of the sacred city: 7 pyramids, squares and remains of government buildings.

Pyramids of Caral

Of all the monumental buildings, the pyramids are the ones that stand out the most. Specifically, the Greater Pyramid with its 150 m. x 110 m of base and 28 m. of height is the one that highlights the valley.

Pirámide Mayor de Caral

Detalle pirámide Mayor de Caral

You can also find other smaller pyramids and worse preserved, but also with a story.

Pirámide en Caral

The study of these archaeological remains has not ended. Moreover, during our visit we were able to observe several local archaeologists performing tasks in one of the pyramids.

Arqueólogos en pirámide de Caral

Low area of Caral

In this part stands out above all the temple of the amphitheater, formed by a circular square of 30 meters in diameter. It is, together with the Great Pyramid, the greatest attraction of these archaeological remains.

Templo del anfiteatro en Caral

Caral is not a top tourist destination within Peru, but it does have some archaeological remains of great interest. If you are in Lima, you want to take a short trip and you already know the Nazca lines, Caral is a good option.

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