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Eating, drinking and loving in Lima.

The Peruvian gastronomy is unstoppable. It continues taking the prize to the best culinary destination for some years and giving oneself to the charm of eating, drinking and loving is an absolute pleasure.

Lima offers many options. Here we have selected our favorites so that you also enjoy this great gastronomy.

    • Lima 27. It is one of our favorite restaurants of author’s cuisine. This place, with a very modern atmosphere, has an exquisite menu of varied dishes: fish, meats and pastas. If you go, do not forget to eating osobuco cannelloni or paiche (fish from the jungle) in one of their presentations, Ah! do not forget their pisco sour (295 Santa Luisa Street, San Isidro).

      Eating Lima 27 restaurant

    • Maido. Whenever we return to Peru we try to visit this restaurant, which in 2017 was considered the best in Latin America. Of course, you have to book days in advance to taste your exquisite Nikkei food, a perfect Peruvian-Japanese fusion (399 San Martín Street, Miraflores).

      Eating Maido restaurant

    • Restaurante Central. Cuisine by the award-winning chef Virgilio Martínez. Central has been considered in 2017 as the 2º best restaurant in Latin America (376 Santa Isabel Street, Miraflores).

      Eating Central restaurant

    • Rafael. It is a restaurant that has a pleasant atmosphere, but above all it has a high level cuisine with a lot of innovation (300 San Martin Street, Miraflores).

      Eating Rafael restaurant

    • Amaz. If you want to try the best of the Amazonian food you have to do it here. Its atmosphere makes you feel like you are in the jungle and its dishes, like the Paiche accompanied by a pisco sour of camu camu, take you to the Amazon (1079 La Paz Avenue, Miraflores).

      Eating Amaz restaurant

    • Panchita. Restaurant of the renowned chef Gastón Acurio, ideal to eating the Peruvian Creole food. Their crispy suckling pig is undoubtedly its specialty (298 Dos de Mayo Street, Miraflores).

      Eating Panchita restaurant

    • Punto Azul. You should not leave Lima without eating the famous Peruvian ceviche and what better to do in this restaurant in Miraflores. You can accompany it with a typical beer or pisco sour (2711 Benavides Avenue, Miraflores).

      Eating Punto Azul restaurant

    • Madam Tusan. A restaurant with a delicious Chinese-Peruvian fusion. You find it near the Gutiérrez oval. Although they have now opened other venues, we especially love this oriental decoration (859 Santa Cruz Avenue, Miraflores).

      Eating Madam Tusan restaurant

    • La Lucha. At this thousand-flavored sandwich restaurant you can have breakfast, snack, dinner or whatever you crave accompanied by any of their juices made with natural fruit and their huayro fries. The location is one block from the oval of Miraflores (308 Diagonal Avenue, Miraflores).

      Eating La Lucha restaurant

    • Papachos. Here you can find hamburgers as we like Peruvians: super hardy, creole style and, above all, super delicious. In addition, there are not only hamburgers also a great variety of dishes of American franchise style but with creole style (1045 La Paz Avenue, Miraflores).

      Eating Papachos restaurant

    • Tío Mario. For us it is one of the best places to eat Peruvian anticuchos (skewers). It has good views as it is located just in front of the Bridge of Sighs in Barranco (214 Zepita Jr., Barranco).

      Eating Tio Mario restaurant

    • La verdad de la Milanesa. If you want to try something different you can do it in this innovative restaurant that uses the Milanese and various ingredients to recreate a kind of pizza of a thousand types, all delicious! (170 Almirante Miguel Grau Avenue, Barranco).

      Eating La verdad de la milanesa restaurant

    • Isolina Peruvian bar. This is another of the traditional Peruvian food restaurants that we love. Their dishes are of high quality and reasonably priced. We love their strip roast or the classic ‘lomo saltado’, what a treat! (101 San Martín Prolongación Avenue, Barranco).

      Eating Isolina restaurant

    • Rotisserie La Leña. In Peru it is very typical to eat the grilled chicken and, without a second doubt, this is the best chicken place in the city (1455 Raúl Ferrero Avenue, La Molina).

      Eating La Leña restaurant

    • El Chinito. It is the little restaurant of the most traditional breads with greaves of Lima. You can accompany it with sweet potatoes and a delicious coffee. Now you can find it in the Main square of Lima (in front of the cathedral).

      Eating El Chinito

    • So you know, if you are going to travel to Peru visit some of these restaurants to try the best of Peruvian gastronomy.

      Do not hesitate, configure your travel now and enjoy one of the best culinary destination in the world.

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      Kiss and hugs.


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