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Flying over the Nazca lines.

Líneas de Nazca, Perú

Nazca lines are a unique place in the world. It keeps on its desert ground almost perfect figures of extraordinary size.

There are many theories that try to answer this great question: what were they built for? Some theories say that these lines were astronomical calendars, others indicate that they were figures created to be seen by their gods and there are those that say they were landing strips for aliens (pseudoarcheology). Unfortunately, to this day the answer remains a mystery.

It is not a mystery that to observe these enigmatic figures you have to get on a plane, and this makes the trip wonderful and different. It mixes history and adventure at the same time.

Where are the Nazca lines exactly?

They are located on the outskirts of the city of Nazca, in the desert of south-central Peru. This city is small and although it does not have many places to know is a very visited destination, due to these incredible geoglyphs.

How to get to the Nazca lines?

It is relatively close to Lima: 8 hours by bus or a 30-minute flight to Pisco (from there you change to another plane to fly over the lines of Nazca). Either of these options allows you to get there; So you do not have excuses to visit them if you are in Peru.

How much does it cost to fly over the Nazca lines?

The cost is about 130 dollars, depending on the company you hire. Although the route is always the same, you have to choose a formal company that performs a good maintenance of their aircraft and a good training to their pilots (if they have security certificate it is better). This way you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery without fear.

At what time of day is it best to visit them?

It is recommended to fly over the lines first thing in the morning because the weather conditions are better. The first plane flights depart from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We flew past noon and had no significant turbulence. Enjoy the flight whenever it is.

Flying in a light aircraft over lines of Nazca!

Aircraft in Perú.

During the first few minutes of the flight, we were enjoying the views of the desert, watching small orchards of cultivation, nearby towns and how the road was getting small…

Desert of Nazca

Desert in Perú.

So until we saw the first figure, at that moment we completely forgot that we were inside a light aircraft.


In the remaining minutes of flight, our sight was impregnated with the marvelous figures that we were observing. The monkey, dog, spider and more lines were presented while the light aircraft was turning both left and right to appreciate them perfectly.


Nazca lines: Monkey.


Nazca lines: Dog.


Nazca lines: Tree.


Nazca lines: Bird.


Nazca lines: Hands.

This experience was simply amazing. We took some photos and we enjoyed the views. The movement of the plane and the height do not allow you to take photos easily. Therefore, I advise you to enjoy this experience that it is unique.

Finally, if you have more days in Peru, we advise you to make this trip in stages and by bus. This way you can have a more bearable trip. The ideal route would be this: Lima-Ica-Nazca-Paracas-Lima. You can organize your trip to Nazca through our travel configurator and see all the combinations that include this place.

We loved to fly over the enigmatic Nazca Lines. Although it is still a mystery for archeology to know its meaning, it is worth knowing them.

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