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Huaraz. Cordillera Blanca of Peru.

Huaraz is located in the heart of the Andes, one of the greatest mountain ranges in the world. Although it does not have peaks as high as the Himalayas, it has the Alpamayo, the most beautiful mountain in the world.

It is a small city but it has many adventure options: trekking, horseback riding, rafting, high mountain… And since it is not far from Lima, it is an ideal destination to do it on a weekend.

We took advantage of leaving Lima at the last hour of Friday, arriving in Huaraz early in the morning. We did the trip in a VIP bus line: Cruz del Sur. There were 3 seats per row, which recline 160º, a screen with music, the internet, movies and food service during the trip.

bus vip

Upon arriving in Huaraz we took a taxi to the hotel (we booked a single as we were not going to spend much time in the room). Once there, we had breakfast and looked forward to the first activity…

Rafting in Huaraz

The transport of the agency came early in the morning. We were picked up in a van and headed to the outskirts of Huaraz, on the Santa River channel. We were going to complete a Type III descent (moderate difficulty).

First, they taught us the basic concepts of this sport: position on the raft, interpreting orders, how to paddle, how to stay in the water and how to get on the raft again (although it did not become necessary).

rafting 1

With all the desire of the world, we begin the descent. The first part was simple, almost no rowing was necessary. But after a few minutes the rapids began. Here we did have to work hard to steer the raft wherever it was.

rafting 2

We continue the descent to the next zone of rapids. In this one existed a more complicated step, reason why the guide that accompanied us was well attended and guides very well the raft with its oar. It was fun and we were not afraid at any time.

rafting 3

After a good time of adventure, we arrived at the end of the journey safe and sound. A great experience to repeat!

rafting 4

Once we finished this activity we returned to the city of Huaraz. There we went to eat at a typical restaurant where we tried the trout and the guinea pig. It is very tasty and healthy (although it turns out to be a mascot in Europe).

guinea pig

After resting for a time in the hotel, we went out again for a walk around the local artisan markets and for dinner. Huaraz is not as touristy as Cusco, so there is not too much to see in the city. Also, as we expected a good trekking the next day, we went to rest early.

Trekking in Huaraz

The trekking we selected had a medium difficulty and lasted all day.

Same as the day before, but even sooner, the agency came to pick us up at the hotel. From there we moved in a van to a small town at the base of the mountain range.


Here we have the typical mate of coca accompanied by bread and butter. Once we took strength and supplies for the road, we set off again to the mountain range by a gravel road.

We made the first stop in the Llanganuco Lagoon, where we could already see some spectacular views.

Cordillera Blanca

We continue the road until we reach the starting area of the trekking. Here we left the van, saw the snowy hills in the distance and began to walk.

Cordillera Blanca 2

During the route, we can see excellent views of the valleys, hills and natural waterfalls.

Cordillera Blanca 3

After a few hours, we were closer to our goal. We could see the snow getting closer and closer.

Huaraz 2

And, finally, we arrived at Lagoon 69. The views were incredible, with that contrast between the water of an intense blue, the gray rock and the snowy mountains.


Here we rest, ate and enjoyed the views after the effort made.

Huaraz 3

It was worth the effort. The contrast between the water, the rock, the snow and the sky was just spectacular.

Andes 2

Once we rested and made the corresponding photos, we took the road back with the satisfaction of having fulfilled the objective.

Paisaje Andes

The return to Huaraz in a van was harder than the one going. After the effort to climb to lagoon 69 we suffered more altitude when descending. A headache that we had to calm with paracetamol.

We arrived at the hotel, showered and went to have some light dinner before taking the bus back to Lima. We left at midnight and arrived in Lima in the first hour, just to get home and prepare for a day of work. It was hard, but it was worth it.

These are the activities that gave us time to do on a weekend. However, if you have more days or prefer to do other activities you can also:

    • Take a horse ride on one of the routes near Huaraz.
    • Perform a descent by mountain bike from one of the hills in the area.
    • Complete some trekking by the mountain range of more days or, if you are more professional, to carry out some escalation of more level.
    • Visit of Monterey thermal baths.

We hope you found it useful. And, if you have already decided that you want to travel to Huaraz, we recommend reading our 10 tips to keep in mind and configure your travel to Peru right now.

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