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Bird park in Iguazu (Brasilian side).

This bird park is one of the attractions of the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Natural Park.

It has more than 1,320 specimens that cover 143 different species, mainly birds: parrots, macaws, flamingos, toucans, eagles, … and even some caimans and iguanas.

Visit the bird park.

We start the visit expectantly and we really liked the treatment that the animals receive. The enclosures are enabled according to the habitat of each species, not like in some zoos that leave much to be desired.

The visit to the bird park is divided into several zones, depending on the type of species and the way you can see it, since in areas of toucans, butterflies, macaws and parrots you can enter inside their enclosures and see them close, you can almost touch them.

We started the visit seeing different types of birds in the area, such as parrots and macaws.



We continued the tour in the bird park to the flamingo´s area, where we could see a few in a small lagoon.


Here we were struck by the way in which some of these famous birds rested…

Flamingo rested

The next stop was in the butterfly´s area. This part of the wildlife reserve is spectacular. As you enter into the enclosure you already have several colorful butterflies flying very close to you. And, as in the jungle areas, almost everything is much larger than we are accustomed to…


It’s amazing the different types of butterflies there are: their colors, sizes and shapes are unique.


Continuing the tour we arrive at the toucans’ enclosure, one of the emblems of the park. Here you could also go inside and look at these beautiful birds up close, so the experience was much more intense.


They are beautiful birds, different by their great beak. Besides, they were not easily frightened, so we could get close enough to contemplate them.


Still with the thrill of having been able to observe a bird as closely as the toucan, we came to the enclosure of parrots and macaws.

In the same way as in the two previous enclosures, we were able to enter and contemplate these beautiful birds up close.

Parrots Area

Macaws Area

They are not aggressive, but they impose respect to have them close by their great beak and strong claws…

Two Parrots

They are spectacular and not only because of the plumage so colorful, the sound produced by several dozen of these animals can be deafening. It is a unique experience to be inside the enclosure surrounded by dozens of specimens.

We continue the circuit and check that there are not only small-medium sized birds, they also have several specimens of Casuarius


Not only we were impressed by their size, they have strong legs with which they can do much damage if they attack. These birds considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

Casuarius leg

There is also a harpy eagle in the park, easily identifiable by its size and feathers on the part of the head.

Harpy eagle

Several specimens of the striking crowned crane.

Crowned crane

And some specimens of peacocks with its spectacular tail (a pity that it was not in court and did not extend it completely).


And finally we could see in the final part of the circuit several caimans


… e iguanas enjoying the sun.


We hope you liked it. Also, if you are thinking of traveling to Iguazu, do not miss our trip to this natural wonder.

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Kiss and hugs.


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