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Iguazu, a wonder of nature.

The natural park of Iguazu is a natural wonder. We do not talk about seeing a waterfall, as in other places of the world, but of seeing hundreds of waterfalls breaking in the jungle, something certainly spectacular.

This natural park covers both Argentina and Brazil. Of the 275 waterfalls there are, 80% are on the Argentine side, while the other 20% are on the Brazilian side.

There is a saying that says: “From Brazil you can see the falls and from Argentina you live them”. The truth is that you have to cross both sides of the border to enjoy all the views.

Iguazú waterfalls

Iguazu, Argentine side

As soon as you enter the park we head to the information area to get a map of the place. The route you can do at foot, except to reach the throat of the devil. There you must arrive in one of the electric trains that go across quite part of the park.

We started the visit by the area of the upper promenade, from which you can see the stunning waterfalls.

Upper promenade Iguazu

We were surprised by the amount of water that flows through all the waterfalls, and they were not even the biggest in the park…

Iguazú waterfall

We continue the route and we arrive to the San Martin fall, one of the main waterfalls of the Argentine side.

San Martin fall

Torrents of water that fall from great height and strike against the river, raising a curtain of water of several meters that, with some wind, feels in the distance.

Torrents of water in Iguazu

Iguazu water fall

In this video you can admire and listen to the majesty of these falls.

At midmorning we made a stop along the way and headed to one of the areas enabled to rest and eat something. This is where we could see a coati. There are many who live in freedom in the park.


It is a quiet animal and quite curious. They are not dangerous, but better not feed or bother because they have good claws and jaws and can give you a good scare if they get angry…

After recovering energies, we continue the route to get closer and closer to the falls.

Iguazu waterfall

As well as to cross some of them above, crossing a bridge.

Bridge in Iguazu

Finally, we wanted to see the viewpoint of the devil’s throat, but unfortunately it was closed by a flood that damaged that part of the route the previous weekend. We are left with the desire, but there is always the option to admire it in some public photo of the place.

Devil's throat waterfall

Fuente: Wikimedia Commons

At dusk we returned to Puerto Iguazu. We had a good Argentinian grill and rested to continue the visit the next day, this time in the Brazilian side.

Iguazu, Brazilian side

Early in the morning we cross the border to the Brazilian side by bus (about 15 pesos). There are several buses that run the route and quite frequently (every 15/30 minutes), so do not worry.

At the border we seal the passport and continue the trip to the Brazilian part of the natural park.

Already in the national park of Iguazu we go to the box office area. We bought tickets to tour the circuit of waterfalls by bus and to cross the river by boat (macuco tour). This last form of visit has the attraction of being able to cross the river approaching several of the water jumps from the base, where the water breaks hard.

The helicopter tour is another option, but we leave it for another occasion for the price (about 250 dollars) and, above all, for our vertigo…

Iguazu entrance

The bus takes you to each of the waterfalls as if it were a bus line. Once you get to a stop you get off, walk around the circuit of the waterfall, return to the stop and wait for the next bus to continue the tour.

Although the Argentine side loved it, in this one we live with more intensity because we got wet and we saw the falls from very close, both from the tour and from the boat.

We arrived at the pier stop. We give the ticket, we change clothes (bathing suit and T-shirt), we leave the backpack in a box office and we go quickly to the zone of shipment. When riding, we were lucky and chose seats on one side of the boat, to live the experience, and wet, to the maximum.

Iguazu river

We were close and impatient, we could already feel the falls…

Igauzú brasilian side

We arrived at the first waterfall, where they took a photo before we got closer and wet completely…

Macuco tour

Afterwards, we reached the base where the sound of water breaking against the river was deafening and, despite being at a distance, we got completely wet. It was amazing the thousands and thousands of liters of water that fall per second. Simply wonderful.

We continue the route approaching another pair of waterfalls, somewhat smaller, but still spectacular. And, just as in the previous one, we get wet whole! It’s fantastic the experience of being at the base of a waterfall, the force transmitted, how small we are compared to nature…

Still with excitement we returned back to the jetty. There we were able to shower with hot water and change clothes before following the route.

We made the mistake of not taking the camera in the Brazilian side, since we were told that you could get wet enough. But if you keep the camera in an airtight plastic bag, such as the one used to freeze food, you will have no problem in the “wet” parts of the tour (and you can leave it at the locker on the boat tour).

So, although we enjoyed the views and experience on the boat, we do not have photos of this part of the natural park. However, to give you an idea of what you can see, we show you several public photos of the main attractions of the Brazilian side.

    • Devil’s throat
      Devil's throat waterfall

      Fuente: Wikimedia Commons

    • Floriano fall
      Floriano fall

      Fuente: Wikimedia Commons

    • Santa María fall
      Santa María fall

      Fuente: Wikimedia Commons


We loved the experience that we live in the Iguazu Natural Park, it really is fascinating. Getting wet in one of the most famous waterfalls in the world is undoubtedly a unique experience that you should include in your travel list.

We hope you liked it and, if you already have this destination with a check, keep in mind these tips for your trip.

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Kiss and hugs.


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