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Maido, Best Restaurant in Latin America!

Good work has reward, as Maido shows. This incredible restaurant represents the best of the essence of Nikkei food (Peruvian-Japanese fusion).

Their chef, Mitsuharu Tsumura, is one of the best today. It is not the result of luck, Maido had been in the restaurant elite for several years, and not only in Peru but throughout Latin America.

We have been able to enjoy their delights on more than one occasion, as it is one of our favorite restaurants in Lima.

The dishes that we liked the most are:

    • Classic Sashimi.
    • Sushi of different types.
    • Gyudon (Fine cuts of the best meat in sweet shoyu sauce on white rice and low temperature egg).
    • Yasaitame (Sauteed vegetables with chicken, pork or fish and seafood).

If you have not gone yet, book now and have dinner at the best restaurant in Latin America!

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