Frias village and its amazing castle.

Frias village is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in the province of Burgos. Its location on top of a mountain, its medieval streets, its impressive and well-preserved castle, the imposing medieval bridge on the outskirts,… make you travel in time to another era!

1. What to visit in the Frias village?

Frias village is a place where is worth getting lost in its streets and enjoy each of its corners. However, the featured places to visit are:

Castle of Frias

It is the main attraction. Its impressive keep on top of the hill is a symbol of Frias village.

Keep of the castle of Frias. Burgos province (Spain).

Although there were previous defensive constructions, it is from 1201, with the construction of the wall, when you can date its construction. It is at that time where it takes greater importance, being the main castle that dominates these lands of the north of Castile.

Wall in castle of Frias. Burgos province (Spain).

The state of conservation is magnificent, so you can enjoy a visit (rates and schedules) that will take you to another era: walls, moat, gates, towers, courtyard, …

Castle of Frias village. Burgos province (Spain).

The visit begins with the parade ground, where an old well that served to supply the water castle is located. You can also see the imposing walls, with their battlements and circular towers in the corners.

Wall in Frias village

To highlight the clock tower, which still houses the old watchmaking machinery inside (dates from the seventeenth century).

Clock in castle of Frias village. Burgos province (Spain).

They also excel in a lateral three windows with detailed capitals, which were part of the residential area of the castle.

Window with detailed capitals. Burgos (Spain)

Continuing the visit, the next place is the most spectacular of the castle: the keep!

Keep. Frias village (Burgos).

From the the keep you can see both the beautiful village of Frias and the Montes Obarenes-San Zadornil natural park. What spectacular views!

Frias village. Burgos (Spain).

On the way to the exit you can enjoy a model of the castle. This way you can get an idea of what it was like in its time: residences, emblems, flags, etc …

Model of the castle of Frias village (Burgos).

Once you finish the visit, cross the outer wall through an old entrance to the village and go down the ramp in direction to the medieval bridge…

Old town in Frias village. Burgos (Spain).

Medieval bridge of Frias

It is one of the most beautiful fortified bridges that we can find in Castile and Leon (and in Spain). Built on the Ebro River, it allowed to communicate the Castilian plateau with the Cantabrian cornice.

Of Roman origin, it was remodeled on several occasions during the Middle Ages. Like the castle of Frias,stands out for its perfect state of preservation.

Medieval bridge in Frias village. Burgos(Spain).

The tower, located in the middle of the bridge, served as a checkpoint for the entrance to the city and for the collection of the pontazgo (payment made by using a bridge).

Bridge in Frias village (Burgos).

Medieval streets

Their houses are built according to the typical Castilian architecture: exposed wooden beams and white walls.

Medieval street in Frias village. Burgos.

It is wonderful to be able to walk through the streets of Frías village and to enjoy the contrast between their homes and the impressive medieval castle.

Houses in Frias village. Burgos (Spain).

Houses hanging from Frias village

At as in Cuenca, here you can also find houses on a cutting edge. What spectacular views must the lucky owners of these houses have!

Houses hanging from Frias village. Burgos.

Church of San Vicente

It is the main church in the village and one of the must-sees in your visit. It is very close to the entrance to the castle and attached to a cutting edge of the hill where Frias village sits.

Church of San Vicente. Frias village (Burgos).

From the architectural point of view it is a mixture of different styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, … All this, added to its location, make this temple a special place.

If you want to know in more detail this beautiful church, we leave you here the official link of the village of Frias on the Church of San Vicente.

Church of San Vicente. Frias village. Burgos (Spain).

2. What is the best time to visit Frias village?

We recommend that you visit Frías at any time of the year. In autumn and winter it will be cold, or cool, as they say in Burgos, but it has its charm. In spring and summer you will enjoy more light, better temperature and a clear blue sky.

3. How to get to Frias village?

If you come from Burgos, take the AP-1 (now free) to Briviesca. Once there, take the N-I until you reach the detour of Berzosa de Bureba (BU-504). This is the road that will take you straight to Frias village.

If you come from Vitoria, take AP-1 towards Burgos. Exit the motorway at exit 4a in the direction of Ameyugo. Head on the BU-525 towards Frias village.

4. Where to stay in Frias village?

Within the urban center there is practically no accommodation. That’s why we recommend that you look for a nice rural house in the surroundings: Tobera, Montejo de San Miguel, Herran, … are the best options.

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5. Nearby places of interest

    • Tobera village: District that is part of the municipality of Frias village. It stands out for the waterfalls that run along the side of the town, the medieval bridge and the beautiful hermitages of Santa María de la Hoz and Cristo de los Remedios. It is located just 2 km from the city of Frias.(Read more about Tobera village)

      Tobera village. Burgos province (Spain).

    • Oña village: t is, together with the village of Frias, one of the germ municipalities of the Kingdom of Castile. It stands out for its spectacular monastery of San Salvador de Oña, place where several kings and nobles of Castile rest. It is 22 km from Frias village.

      Oña village. Burgos province (Spain).

    • Route of the elves and enchanted forest: Nice trekking in which to enjoy a different walk through the forest, since the route is adorned with statues of goblins, trees decorated with pretty wool and cotton cover, .. The start of this beautiful trekking is very close to Oña, about 10 km away. (Read more about Route of the elves and enchanted forest)

      Route of the elves and enchanted forest. Burgos province (Spain).

Do not think twice, take advantage of any weekend and come and enjoy the charming villages from the north of the province of Burgos: Orbaneja del Castillo village, Oña village, Puentedey, Poza de la Sal village, Tobera village, Medina de Pomar village, … They are waiting for you!

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