Hacinas, the town with stone trees.

Hacinas is known as the town with stone trees, since several examples of fossilized trees are found in its municipal area.

It is also a well-preserved town, where its typical houses with stone facades, its old church and the remains of a 9th century castle stand out.

Where is the town with the stone trees?

Hacinas village is located in the province of Burgos, 60 km from Burgos capital. On the same road (N-234) that connects it with Soria.

Hacinas, the village with stone trees

The day we visited Hacinas we came to contemplate on Sad Hill Cemetery (movie “The Good, The Ugly, and The Bad”), which is relatively close to here (18km).

We park at the entrance of the town so that we can walk it quietly. We like to do this better, since that way we always find some pleasant surprise in the streets.

Rural decoration in Hacinas, the town with stone trees, Burgos (Spain).

We walked a few minutes until we reached the main square of the town, where the fossil tree visitor center is located. Too bad it was late and it was closed, so we could not see the most important fossil tree in town.

Visitor center in Hacinas, the town with stone trees, Burgos (Spain).

However, there are 2 more petrified trees. One of them placed vertically in the same plaza as the visitor center. It seems incredible that this stone monolith was long ago a tree!

Petrified tree in Hacinas, the town with stone trees, Burgos (Spain).

The other stone tree was located about 25 meters from the center, on the way to the St. Peter’s Church and the remains of the old castle.

Unlike the previous one, this tree was in a horizontal position, with an explanatory sign about where it was found, age, etc …

Petrified tree in Hacinas, the town with stone trees, Burgos (Spain).

We continue walking for about 50 meters and arrive at the St. Peter’s Church, which stands out for its careful star vaults and its important main altarpiece.

Also highlights its current bell tower. And we say current, because there is an older one located on a small nearby hill, near the castle.

St. Peter's Church in Hacinas town, Burgos (Spain).

We ascended a bit on a well-marked path towards the remains of the old castle …

Bell tower of St. Peter's Church in Hacinas, Burgos (Spain).

Today there are hardly any remains of this 9th century castle, which had some importance during the wars between the ancient kingdoms of Castile and Navarra.

Castle in Hacinas, the town with stone trees, Burgos (Spain).

However, we did see a well-preserved old water well. This one had to supply water to the garrison of the castle.

Water well in Hacinas, the town with stone trees, Burgos (Spain).

It is from here that the old bell tower that we mentioned earlier is best seen. Located on a small elevation of the terrain and with a Sacred Heart above it.

Bell tower in Hacinas, the town with stone trees, Burgos (Spain).

There are also good views of the region, being able to see Salas de los Infantes village (4 km) and several mountains in this part of the sierra.

Good views of the region in Hacinas, the town with stone trees, Burgos (Spain).

Already undoing the road towards the car, we noticed a detail that went unnoticed before on the way up to the St. Peter’s Church.

We note a small commemorative plaque in memory of the Father Ventura Alonso, illustrious son of the villa. This beloved Jesuit priest was born here and was one of the main promoters to show the stone trees found in the municipality in the town.

Although he was a parish priest for a long time in Santander and Valladolid, where he certainly has a place in his honour, did not go unnoticed by his neighbours.

Decoración en Hacinas, el pueblo de los árboles de piedra, Burgos (España).

Where to stay to visit the town with the stone trees?

Hacinas is a small town, so there are not many accommodation options (basically some rural houses).

However, you have several nearby towns with more options and also with interesting places to see: Salas de los Infantes (with its dinosaur museum), Covarrubias (historical Castilian town), Quintanar de la Sierra (located in the heart of nature), Santo Domingo de Silos (famous town for its Gregorian Monastery), etc …


Nearby places of interest

    • icono mapaSad Hill Cemetery: Thanks to admirers of the movie “The Good, the Ugly and the Bad” (1966), by Clint Eastwood and the recently deceased Ennio Morricone, today we can enjoy the famous Sad Hill Cemetery as it appeared in the famous movie. Enjoy walking around and feeling “the blonde” … It is 18 km from Hacinas (Read more about Sad Hill Cemetery).

      Cementerio de Sad Hill, Burgos (España).

    • icono mapaSalas de los Infantes town: This important and historical town is located just 5 km from Hacinas. Here you can enjoy good gastronomy and a modern museum about dinosaurs, since this area is rich in fossils.

      Salas de los Infantes, Burgos (España).

    • icono mapaCovarrubias town: It is one of the most beautiful towns in the province of Burgos. And we are not the only ones to say it, it has several tourist awards for the restoration and maintenance of streets and monuments. Also, on the outskirts of Covarrubias you can visit a Viking hermitage, in honor of Saint Olaf. It is located 29 km from Hacinas (Read more about Covarrubias town).

      Covarrubias, Burgos (España).

    • icono mapaRio Lobos Canyon Natural Park: Enjoy the route that runs through a canyon and parallel to the Lobos River. It is 25 km long, linking the provinces of Burgos (25% of the route) and Soria (75% of the route). The start in the Burgos part is 32 km from Hacinas.

      Cañón de Río Lobos, Burgos-Soria (España)

Hacinas is a small town but full of charm and natural wonders. We recommend your visit during your tour of this area of the Burgos province, along with the other nearby towns.

P.S.: Official links with information about Covid-19: (Official information to Spain), (Official information to Peru), (Official information to Chile), (Official information to Argentina), (Official information to Colombia).

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