La Yecla gorge, adventure in a natural place.

The La Yecla gorge is one of the natural wonders of the province of Burgos. Both the La Yecla as the nearby space of the Sabinares del Arlanza are part of a protected natural area of Castilla y Leon. Its richness of flora and fauna is spectacular: griffon vultures, roe deer, otters, wild boars, ancient junipers, …

Nice, but not accessible in origin. That is why the council of Burgos province built a route on some platforms by the same canyon. In this way, you can enjoy peacefully and without difficulty of this beautiful natural environment.

How to get to the La Yecla gorge?

It is simple, since is 3 km from Santo Domingo de Silos village and is well indicated with information signs. You even have a parking area just outside the tunnel, which is where the tour begins. There’s no excuse for not coming to know La Yecla gorge!

When is it recommended to visit the La Yecla gorge?

Any time of the year is good to enjoy. However, choose a day that does not rain since the tour is outdoors (or go prepared for rain).

Regarding the schedule, there is no problem. It is a open road so you have no restrictions.

Where to stay near the La Yecla gorge?

The closest place to stay is Santo Domingo de Silos village, although you are also nearby: Covarrubias (20 km), Salas de los Infantes (20 km) y Lerma (33 km).


La Yecla gorge

The road starts down some stairs, which are located on the side of the road (with a sign that indicates it).

At that point you will already have in front of you the entrance to this magnificent gorge. A whole “cut” in the mountains of this beautiful place.

La Yecla gorge indoor, Burgos (Spain).

The path passes over the stone bed that has been pierced by water for thousands of years, so you will see pools located below during the route and small waterfalls.

Water in La Yecla gorge, Burgos (Spain).

While the route is narrow, you will also find small more spacious areas where you can rest and contemplate this natural beauty.

Rest zone in La Yecla gorge, Burgos (Spain).

In some of the areas you will find some more steep ramps, but nothing great. The road is well enabled and you can walk it without difficulty, except in a couple of places that you have to duck a bit.

Bridge in La Yecla gorge, Burgos (Spain).

Until after about 10 minutes, following a relaxed step, you arrive at the exit.

Exit in La Yecla gorge, Burgos (Spain).

From here you can see the nests of the vultures located on the cliffs around the gorge.

Vultures in La Yecla, Burgos (Spain).

While you can return by the shoulder of the road, we recommend going back to the parking lot in the same place. So you do not have to worry about cars and you can enjoy this magical journey again.

Nearby places of interest

    • icono mapaSanto Domingo de Silos village: Famous for its Benedictine monastery, which stands out for its impressive Romanesque cloister and its monks who sing Gregorian. It is 3 km from the La Yecla Gorge.

      Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos village, Burgos (Spain).

    • icono mapaCovarrubias village: It is one of the prettiest and best preserved villages in the province of Burgos. It houses everything you can expect from a Castilian village: medieval tower, fortified entrance arches, churches, old houses, walls, … Even a sepulcher with the remains of a Viking princess in its collegiate church. It is located about 20 km from the La Yecla gorge.

      Covarrubias village

    • icono mapaHermitage of Saint Olaf: It is the first hermitage built in the 21st century in Spain. Lifted in honor of Princess Kristina, wife of the Infante Felipe de Castilla. Its architecture is modern and with clear Nordic references. It is located about 22 km from the La Yecla Gorge and 2 km from Covarrubias. (Read more about the Hermitage of San Olaf)

      Hermitage of Saint Olaf, Covarrubias (Spain).

    • icono mapaSalas de los Infantes village: Important town of the history of Burgos and Castile. Named in honor of the 7 infants of Lara. In addition to its artistic ensemble you can also visit a modern museum with dinosaur remains, as this land has a rich paleontological heritage. It is located 20 km from the La Yecla gorge.

      Salas de los Infantes village

The La Yecla gorge is one of those little known places outside its province but whose originality and natural beauty has nothing to envy to other tourist places outside of Spain.

Do not miss these other incredible places in the province of Burgos: Frias town, Orbaneja del Castillo village, hermitage of Saint Olaf, Puentedey village, Tobera (Frias Town), the route of the elves and enchanted forest., ….

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