Orbaneja del Castillo village (Burgos).

Orbaneja del Castillo village is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest small town in the province of Burgos (and throughout Spain).

Orbaneja del Castillo village

The village is located at the foot of the mountain, and next to the Ebro canyon. From there you can enjoy enviable views …

Ebro canyon

And, highlighting in a special way, the wonderful waterfall that is in the same entrance of the town. Speechless!

Orbaneja del Castillo waterfall

In addition to enjoying the views, you can also contemplate the local wildlife in the middle of nature. It is all a luxury to be able to contemplate the majestic vultures to nest and fly over this beautiful canyon …

Vultures in Orbaneja del Castillo village

Inside the village you can enjoy a typical Castilian architecture: narrow and irregular streets, houses with thick stones and wooden beams, cobbled roads and their typical fountains …

Orbaneja del Castillo town

1. What is the best time to visit Orbaneja del Castillo village?

In winter you will enjoy beautiful views with the village and the countryside snowy. In spring, the waterfall will be at its maximum splendor. In summer, the perfect time to enjoy a country route. And, in Autumn, you’ll enjoy a unique color.

Do not hesitate, come to Orbaneja del Castillo village at any time.

2. How to get to Orbaneja del Castillo village?

This beautiful village is 67 km from Burgos on the N-623 road, which links Burgos with Santander.

It is not a highway, but it is quite well preserved.

3. Where to stay in Orbaneja del Castillo village?

It’s a small town, so there are not many accommodation options. Fundamentally there are country cottage bed and breakfast, both in the village and in the surrounding villages: Escalada (3 km), San Martín de Elines (6 km), Pesquera de Ebro (6 km), Crespo (7 km), …

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4. What hiking routes can be done in Orbaneja del Castillo village?

You have all kinds of options in the area. The main ones:

    • Travel the Ebro margin in the West direction to Villaescusa de Ebro.
    • Travel the Ebro margin in the east to Escalada, Quintanilla-Escalada or Valdelateja (depending on the km you want to travel).
    • Climb to the top of the canyon and reach the area of traditional “Chozos”(cabins in stone).

Orbaneja del Castillo hiking routes

And not only Orbaneja del Castillo village is worth it, you can also visit other Charming villages in the northern area of Burgos and explore magical trails such as “Goblins and enchanted forest paths”.

Do not hesitate, take advantage of a weekend and escape to this beautiful place …

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