Puentedey village, bridge of God in Burgos.

Puentedey village, literally “Bridge of God”, is one of the most curious small towns in the north of the province of Burgos (Spain). What other village is located on top of a natural stone bridge?

Puentedey village. Province of Burgos

It is impressive to go under and check the height of the natural bridge. In addition, the houses located above are very close to the vertical fall. A dream enclave for a town!

Houses in Puentedey village. Province of Burgos

And not only the bridge, Puentedey village is located in a nice place where you can relax and take a walk through nature.

Nela river in Puentedey village. Province of Burgos

1. What is the best time to visit Puentedey village?

We recommend that you visit it when the Nela River, which passes under the natural bridge, is not grown (thaw in spring). In this way, you can walk quietly in the area.

2. How to get to Puentedey village?

The fastest route passes through Villarcayo (BU-561), although you can also arrive via N-232 and take detour at Cubillos del Rojo.

3. Where to stay in Puentedey village?

Being a small town does not have any accommodation available, but near you can stay there in Nela (5 km), Villarcayo, Medina de Pomar, etc …

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4. Nearby places of interest

    • Medina de Pomar town: Largest municipality in the region of Las Merindades. It is famous for the castle of the Velasco family, also known as the Alcazar de los Condestables de Castilla.

      Medina de Pomar town. Province of Burgos.

    • Orbaneja del Castillo village: One of the most beautiful villages of Burgos and Spain. It boasts restored old houses, an impressive waterfall and beautiful views of the flora and fauna of the Ebro canyon. (Read more about Orbaneja del Castillo village)

      Orbaneja del Castillo village. Province of Burgos

If you have the opportunity, do not miss this beautiful village. It is one of the charming villages in the north of the province of Burgos.

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