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A rural getaway to Laguardia (Alava).

The good weather and the desire to go out and enjoy the field is here. And what better option than to enjoy a rural getaway to Laguardia: stroll through this beautiful town, visit a winery in Rioja Alavesa region, go hiking in the area, …

Do not hesitate, come and enjoy the Laguardia village!

Where is Laguardia village?

It is located to the south of the province of Alava, very close to the border with La Rioja region. Furthermore, it is located closer to Logroño (18 km) than to Vitoria (45 km).

When to make a rural getaway to Laguardia village?

Any time is good to visit Laguardia and take a wine route through the area. Although, if you ask us, we recommend you in spring, for the mild weather, or in autumn, during the harvest.

There are wineries in the area that allow you, in addition to seeing their facilities, to participate more closely in the grape harvest and processing.

Rural getaway to Laguardia village

As it was a holiday when we visited Laguardia we had to leave the car outside. Impossible to find a place near the old town. However, we were lucky to park near one of the downtown entrances.

We went up Sancho Abarca Ibilbidea street and we found some pretty flags decorating a park. These were those of Laguardia, Alava and Navarra (by history).

Rural getaway to Laguardia: Banderas de Laguardia, Álava y Navarra.

We advance a little and we enter Laguardia in a big way, through the door of St. Juan. This entrance, located on the side of the church of San Juan, is spectacular.

Rural getaway to Laguardia: Puerta de San Juan.

We entered the church of St. Juan, started in the 12th century, where we could enjoy its well-kept altarpieces and architectural elements.

Retablo de la iglesia de San Juan Bautista, Laguardia (España).

We also visit the Virgen del Pilar chapel, located next to the church of St. Juan. Also a beautiful place to be seen on a visit to Laguardia.

Rural getaway to Laguardia: Capilla de la Virgen del Pilar.

And you can not only enjoy ancient monuments, you also have modern art in this beautiful town of La Rioja Alavesa region …

Rural getaway to Laguardia: Arte en las calles de Laguardia, Álava (España).

There are various artistic sculptures on the street, for the locals and visitors to see and enjoy.

Arte en la plaza de Laguardia, Álava (España).

However, we recommend “getting lost” in the streets of Laguardia village. Take a leisurely walk through them and enjoy their well-kept buildings, shops, …

Calle de Laguardia, Álava (España).

… such as this old bakery. There was nothing that didn’t catch our attention!

Panadería en Laguardia, Álava (España).

And not only bread, we were in the land of wine and it showed in every corner of the town. We could not resist the temptation and we bought a couple of bottles of wine …

Vino en Laguardia, Álava (España).

We continue the visit and arrive at another of Laguardia’s points of interest: the Abacial tower. This fortified construction was built in the 12th century as part of the walls of the town of Laguardia. Later it was modified as a bell tower attached to the church of Santa Maria.

Escapada rural a Laguardia: Torre Abacial.

Once we contemplate the beautiful tower, we continue walking through Laguardia until we reach some beautiful gardens. How beautiful is the town of Laguardia!

Jardines en Laguardia, Álava (España).

It was a short visit, one morning, but intense and pleasant. Without a doubt, Laguardia village is a recommended town to visit.

Where to stay in Laguardia village?

Throughout the Rioja Alavesa area you have many types, from simple rural accommodation to luxury hotels within the most prestigious wineries. It all depends on your budget.

And if you are not so much in the country, stay in Logroño capital and move around the area at your leisure.

What is the weather like in Laguardia village?

The climate in this area of Rioja Alavesa is continental, with cold winters and warm summers. However, due to the average height of this area it is not as cold as in the areas of Castile and Leon region.

For this, and other reasons, Rioja wine is different from what can be found at Ribera del Duero region.

Rural getaway to Laguardia: Nearby places of interest

    • icono mapaElciego village: This town, located in the heart of Rioja Alavesa, is famous for hosting the Marques de Riscal wineries . These were among the first to combine the best winemaking with wine tourism. The impressive building / hotel designed by Frank Gehry stands out. It is 7 km from Laguardia.

      Bodegas Marqués de Riscal, Elciego (España).

    • icono mapaNajera village: Important town during the kingdom of Najera-Pamplona in the 10th and 11th centuries. Furthermore, in his monastery (Santa María la Real) kings, infants and dukes of this period are buried. It is located 25 km from Laguardia.

      Monasterio Santa María la Real, Nájera (España).

Laguardia is one of the many beautiful towns in the interior of Spain that we have been able to visit: Frias city (Burgos), Orbaneja del Castillo village (Burgos), Covarrubias village (Burgos), Santillana del Mar (Cantabria), Proaza village (Asturias), Puentedey village (Burgos) … There are endless options in Spain!

Book a weekend now and plan your rural getaway to Laguardia!

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