The route of the elves and enchanted forest.

The route of the elves and the enchanted forest, located in the middle of Caderechas Valley, is an excellent trekking option within the province of Burgos. It stands out, in addition to the views and the variety of flora and fauna, for the original decoration of the enchanted forest.

We are talking about an original decoration since in this forest Urban Knitting is practiced. This artistic movement consists of decorating elements of the environment with woolen fabrics, yarn, etc … It is a form of expression that respects the environment and creates an unparalleled atmosphere.

– How to get to the elves route and the enchanted forest

This route starts in the village of Herrera de Valdivieso, located 69 km north of the city of Burgos. The distance is not much, but it takes an hour to get there by the type of road.

– How long and difficult is the trekking

It is a short trek, approximately 8 km of route. It leaves from the village following a forest track. Afterwards, the ascent begins through the enchanted forest until reaching the top of the mountain. From there, continue along a path and descend again through the forest. The route is in a circle.

It’s a fairly simple trekking, however, having quite a gap is somewhat tired. In the initial part starts with some strong slopes. In the final part, it descends along a straight path with a steep slope, so that the knees suffer somewhat more. That is why it is advisable to carry some canes to distribute more body weight.

– What clothes to wear

As it is a short route and without much difficulty it is not necessary to carry a lot of equipment. However, as in any excursion on the mountain, it is advisable to bring:

    1. Good trekking boots.
    2. Water and attack food in abundance (nuts, chocolates, fruit).
    3. Warm and waterproof clothing (according to season).
    4. Sunglasses and sunscreen (depending on season).

Always carry clothes and food to spare in case any unforeseen happens, even if it is a simple route.

– The route of the elves and the enchanted forest.

The route starts at one of the sides of the village of Herrera de Valdivieso, located in the valley of Caderechas (famous for the quality of its apples). The town is small and the route is indicated, so you will not have any problem finding it.

The initial part of the route consists of somewhat steep ramps. Once passed, you must continue on the forest road. It is well indicated, with colored stones and ribbons on the trees, so it is easy to follow the right path.

After about 1,500 meters, we reached the detour where to start the walk through the forest. It is perfectly indicated, so you will not get lost.

Init of enchanted forest route

The path through the forest is meandering, so with a calm step you can travel without any difficulty. In addition, within a few meters of walking this path, you begin to see the decoration so special of this enchanted forest.

Flowers in the path

Artificial flowers, made of wool and other materials, adorn the trees and the sides of the road.

Flowers in the enchanted forest

And not just flowers, a little further on the path we find some elves surrounded by “mushrooms” Amanita Muscaria, recognized worldwide by the video game Mario Bros. A magical picture in half of this beautiful forest.

Mushroom in enchanted forest

We continue advancing along the road contemplating different adornments: woolen bags hanging on trees, colorful ribbons marking and adorning the path, … until we reach a clearing in the forest where we can contemplate an immense green mantle. What natural beauty!

Caderechas Valley

In addition, in this same place, there is a post with directions of distance and direction from a series of cities in the world.

Post with directions in enchanted forest

After contemplate the views, and rest a few minutes, we continue the journey. We walked calmly until the most spectacular part of the forest appeared before us.

Trees in enchanted forest

Several dozens of trees decorated with different motifs and colors: geometric prints, figures of goblins, …

Trees in enchanted forest

You could even see placed houses nest of birds (in bright colors).

Trees in enchanted forest

We were contemplating for a while this beautiful contrast. The forest transmitted some very positive vibrations.

Trees in enchanted forest

We follow the path and we reach the top of the hill. From here you could see the other valley in the area, located on the opposite side from where we had climbed through the forest.

Caderechas valley

After resting a while, we continue the path. This was now running near the top of rocks that formed the summit. So a few meters, until it is flanked by bushes.

Top of hill

The last part of the route is more monotonous. When leaving the path among bushes, you reach the top of the hill again. From there the road continues until it begins to descend a narrow path that crosses the forest.

This part of the trail tires a lot, since the path descends straight and steeply, with the consequent overload on the knees (we recommend carrying walking sticks). So until you reach the outskirts of town by the forest road.

– Nearby places of interest

The privileged enclave on which the route is located is close to several villages of great interest:

    • icono mapaOña: It is considered one of the most important towns during the founding of the Kingdom of Castile. Within its monumental complex, highlights the monastery of San Salvador, the church of San Juan and the palace of Bishop González Manso.


    • icono mapaFrías: Village of medieval origin that is located on the top of a hill. Stands out for its majestic castle and its no less impressive bridge. It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.


    • icono mapaTobera: Population close to Frías that houses spectacular waterfalls and a beautiful hermitage.

      Ermita de Tobera

    • icono mapaOrbaneja del castillo: Village settled on the side of a canyon through which flows the Ebro River. It is one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Burgos, both for its beautiful houses and for some spectacular waterfalls located in the same town.

      Orbaneja del Castillo

    • icono mapaPuentedey: Population whose name means “Bridge of God”. It is located on the natural bridge pierced by the Nela River.


As you see, you do not have to go very far to find an original trekking and with good views of the beautiful forests of Burgos.

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