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Rural cottage in Asturias with dog: Proaza.

Enjoying rural cottage in Asturias is wonderful. And even more if you can get to know a village as beautiful as Proaza village, located in the middle of nature.

Here you will find unbeatable views of the Cantabrian Mountains, hiking trails, reservoirs, natural parksand even some specimens of Iberian brown bears!

Rural cottage in Asturias: Where is Proaza village located?

Proaza village is located in the Cantabrian Mountains, very close to Oviedo city (26 km) and the Las Ubiñas-La Mesa Natural Park.

Its location is perfect, allowing you to disconnect in the middle of nature and visit, if you like, the cities of Oviedo and Gijón.

Rural cottage in Asturias: Proaza village

It is a beautiful typical town of Asturias, where you can find beautiful stone houses and wooden beams, old granaries, fountains and rural bridges, surrounded by sheep, …

In addition, the location of part of the houses on the side of the mountain allows to enjoy enviable views of the valley, the Trubia river and the Cantabrian mountains. What a luxury!

Rural cottage in Asturias: Proaza village.

It also stands out for hosting an ancient medieval tower, known as the Vázquez de Prada Tower. This was raised in 1495, during the reign of the Catholic Monarchs.

As a good defensive element, is located in one of the hills on which part of Proaza sits and next to the Payon stream.

Rural cottage in Asturias: Vázquez de Prada tower, Proaza village (Asturias).

Rural cottage in Asturias: What to do in Proaza village and surroundings?

There are many options to choose from. We detail below those that we do in a weekend.

Walk along the Bear Trekking

It is the option that stands out the most in the area, since it is a simple green route, without complications or physically demanding (29 km).

We leave the rural house with good shoes, a small backpack with water and some snacks. If we were eager to follow the route, imagine our dog “Inti” …

Rural cottage in Asturias, Proaza village.

We walk through the town until we reach the recreational area of Buyera, about 300 meters from Proaza village. There we began to walk the Bear trekking.

We had barely started the walk when we found the encircled by bears of the Asturias Bear Foundation. Here we could see a specimen of Cantabrian brown bear strolling inside its fence. What a great moment!

Bear fence in Proaza, Asturias (Spain).

We continue the path and leave the municipal district of Proaza, enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Asturias: green meadows, cattle on its fences and mountains on the horizon.

Start of the Bear Path from Proaza, Asturias (Spain).

The path is perfectly conditioned, so you can easily walk or bike it. In addition, part of the way is in the shade, something very appreciated if it is a sunny day.

Bear Path, Asturias (Spain).

Following the path we arrived at a gorge, where we had to go through a tunnel of considerable length. No problem, as it was well lit inside.

Tunnel in the Bear patch, Asturias (Spain).

We continued for a while and decided to return. We left the part of the Valdemurio reservoir for the next day.

Trubia river next to the Bear path, Asturias (Spain).

Valdemurio reservoir

We got there by car. However, is located on the side of the path of the Bear trekking, so you can visit it during your tour. Also, since it has tables, is a good option to stop along the way and eat something.

Rest area of the Bear path in Valdemurio reservoir, Asturias (Spain).

It is a charming place, surrounded by steep hills and deep green meadows. A beautiful and typical place in Asturias.

Views of the Valdemurio reservoir, Asturias (Spain).

It has piers and agencies that offer water activities, such as a canoe rental. For the date (February) we could not try them, but we will do it on another trip.

Jetties in the Valdemurio reservoir, Asturias (Spain).

Xanas Route

It is a not very long route (8 km round trip) that offers unique views of the valleys and mountains of this area of Asturias.

To get the best option is to drive to the parking located just 200 meters from the start of the route icono mapa.

Once here, we go up a slope parallel to the AS-360 road. Thus until you reach a path, on the other side, where comes indicated with a sign the beginning of the route.

Rural cottage in Asturias: Inicio de la ruta de las Xanas, Asturias (España).

Shortly after advancing and we were able to enjoy beautiful views of the valley, with the Proaza village in the distance.

Rural cottage in Asturias: Walking the Xanas path, Asturias (Spain).

The path is wide, so we covered it without difficulty. However, go with good shoes and be cautious, since there are no safety guards and the route runs through steep terrain with vertical falls.

Rural cottage in Asturias: Xanas path, Asturias (Spain).

But the effort deserve the sorrow. The views of this route are spectacular!

Rural cottage in Asturias: Views of Proaza from the Xanas path, Asturias (Spain).

Other activities in the area

Since we stayed for a weekend, he didn’t give us more time. However, if you have more days, you can also: rent some bikes, perform canyoning, contract excursion to watch wild animals, visit the Teverga Prehistory Park, the Quirós Ethnographic Museum or visit the yew of Bermiego.

Rural cottage in Asturias: Where to stay in Proaza village?

We were with our dog in Presentina House and phenomenal. We loved both the house and the impressive views it has of the mountain range.

However, if you prefer another type of accommodation, or do not have availability, you have other rural cottage at your disposal in Proaza and nearby village.

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When is the best time to go to a rural cottage in Asturias?

Any season is good, although our recommendation is that you enjoy this beautiful place in spring-summer. So you can enjoy all the activities that this area of Asturias offers with a good temperature.

In the case of having a dog, think about spending a New Year’s Eve here. In this way you will avoid the rockets and firecrackers that instill so much fear in our dogs.

What is the typical food and drink of Asturias?

The Asturian gastronomy is wonderful, making it difficult to choose between its many delicacies: fabada, cachopo, verdines with octopus, cabracho pie, cabrales cheese, etc … Accompanied with a good cider!

We ate fantastically everywhere we went. And although typical, we do not stop trying a delicious stew and the famous Asturian cachopo (“small” for what they usually serve).

Rural cottage in Asturias: Cachopo (Asturian food).

Nearby places of interest

    • icono mapaOviedo city: Called Old in the book “La Regenta”, whose souvenir statue is located in front of the cathedral, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. It is a stately city nestled in a unique natural setting, surrounded by green mountains. It is 26 km from Proaza.

      Oviedo city, Asturias (Spain).

    • icono mapaGijón city: It is the other great city of Asturias. Located on the coast, it is an unbeatable place to enjoy the beach and its atmosphere in the old town (Lavaderu square). It is 58 km away, somewhat further than Oviedo city, but close enough to get closer one day.

      Gijon city, Asturias (Spain).

    • icono mapaCudillero village: It is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Asturias and Spain. Nestled on the rugged coast, it has unbeatable views of the Cantabrian Sea. If you are in the area you cannot miss it, since it is only 66 km from Proaza village.

      Cudillero village, Asturias (Spain).

Enjoying a few days in a rural cottage in Asturias is always a good option. Its people, places and gastronomy make Asturias a natural paradise. Plan your next getaway now!

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