The 12 best tapas places in Burgos.

The center of Burgos, besides boasting of its wonderful cathedral, houses many bars and restaurants that delight with its tapas to neighbors, pilgrims of the Way of Santiago and to all that passes by there.

If you are in the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy (2013) and do not know which restaurant or bar to go, do not worry, here we have detailed 12 places, indicating what to try in each of them, to enjoy the best gastronomy in Burgos.

    • Casa Pancho. A destiny of a lifetime. Cojonuda and cojonudo are the stars of this place. The first of black sausage and the second of chorizo, both accompanied by a fried egg of quail and red pepper. 13-15 San Lorenzo Street.

      Casa Pancho

    • Meson Burgos. The place par excellence to enjoy the traditional patatas bravas. The 60-year-old Meson Burgos is the ideal place to enjoy a ration of patatas bravas. 8 Sombrereria Street.

      Mesón Burgos

    • Casa Minuto.This bar, which has a privileged view towards the beautiful Burgos cathedral, has a tapa that we love: smoked sardine on guacamole, as well as other options such as: pickles, cheese and ham portions. All highly recommended. 5 Rey San Fernando Square.

      Casa Minuto

    • Taperia Royal. We love everything from this bar. Its variety of tapas is an invitation to sin. Not for nothing has been the winner of many prizes for the most innovative tapas, such as the blood sausage or the lamb among others … and, personally, we give the prize to the best Spanish omelette. 25 Huerto del Rey Street.

      Taperia Royal

    • Gaona Jardin. Not only stands out for its decoration, as if it were a patio with garden, but also has a great variety of hot and cold tapas, such as the must-see steak with foie or sea urchin. 29 Sombrereria Street.

      Gaona Jardín

    • La Quinta del Monje. It is a modern gourmet bar/restaurant with more elaborate and good quality tapas. We recommend you order any of their mini hamburgers or their mini beef ribeye. 19-21 San Lorenzo Street.

      La Quinta del Monje

    • La Boca del Lobo. We love everything: the decor, the good atmosphere and especially the tapas. We love their portion of octopus, their chicken wings or their croquettes; if you go, do not forget to try them. 9 Avellanos Street.

      Boca del Lobo

    • La Lorencita. Another of the bars with innovative tapas, such as: lamb sushi, sirloin steak with blueberry sauce, … Also, if you crave some croquettes, this is the place to eat them. There are cod, boletus, ham and cured meat croquettes… 27 San Lorenzo Street.

      La Lorencita

    • El Morito. It is impressive to see the long queues that are formed to enter the restaurant. The quality-price rate is good. Here the ham toasts and the salads are the most requested. 27 Sombrereria Street.

      El morito

    • La Cabaña Arandina. Another of the most traditional places in Burgos. In this bar we love the portions of fried calamari, chopitos and their patatas bravas. We recommend them without a doubt. 12 Sombrereria Street.

      La Cabaña Arandina

    • La Mejillonera. If you fancy some mussels, you have to make a mandatory stop at this bar, as it is ideal. In addition, the way they take orders gives a very personal touch… 33 Paloma Street.

      La Mejillonera

    • La Competencia. The star tapa of this pizzeria/bar is, of course, a portion of your delicious house pizza, which you get for free with your drink. Also, it has a sangria of cider which is spectacular. 30 San Lorenzo Street.

      Pizzeria La Competencia

So you know, if you are going to travel to Burgos, do not forget to visit some of these restaurants to be able to state that you have tried the best of its gastronomic offer.

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