Tobera village: Hermitages and waterfalls.

Tobera village is a beatifull place belonging to the municipality of Frias. It stands out for two precious hermitages, a medieval bridge and for the waterfalls that run alongside.

Tobera. Cristo de los Remedios Hermitage

The Hermitage of Santa María de la Hoz is the largest and Romanesque style. Its construction dates from the thirteenth century. Formerly it served as a hostel for pilgrims on the road to Santiago that passed through the area.

Nearby is the Hermitage of Cristo de los Remedios. Although it is smaller, it also has its charm. It dates from the seventeenth century and contains in its interior a crucified Christ.

You can also see a beautiful medieval bridge that allows you to save the Molinar river. This bridge replaced an older one (of Roman origin).

Following the course of the Molinar River, we arrive at the first of the waterfalls. Small, but strong in its fall of water.

waterfalls in Tobera. Frias.

We continue the route and we arrive at the viewpoint, from where we can contemplate some nice views of the Montes Obarenes-San Zadornil natural park and the spectacular waterfall that It runs along the side of the small town.

Waterfalls along the side of Tobera. Frias.

A nice tour that complements perfectly the visit to the castle, bridge and hanging houses of Frías.

1. What is the best time to visit Tobera village?

No doubt in spring. So you can enjoy a peaceful time and contemplate the waterfalls at their best (fruit of the melting of the peaks).

Waterfalls near Tobera. Frias.

2. How to get to Tobera village?

If you leave from Burgos, take the AP-1 to Briviesca. Once there, take the provincial road BU-504 until you reach Tobera. They are 78 km (like 1 hour of trip).

If you come from Vitoria, take AP-1 to Pancorbo. Follow the national road N-1 in the direction of Cubo de Bureba. There take the national N-232 in the direction of Busto de Bureba, where you will connect with the provincial road BU-504. They are 84 km (approximately 1 hour).

3. Where to stay in Tobera village?

Tobera village is considered a neighborhood within the municipality of Frias, so keep this in mind when looking for your accommodation in the area (mainly country cottage bed and breakfast).

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4. Nearby places of interest

    • Frias: One of the most beautiful villages in the province of Burgos. Beautiful historic center and castle, highlighting above all its spectacular tower keep (located on the hill). In addition, it has a beautiful medieval bridge on the outskirts. It is 2 km from Tobera.

      Frias. Burgos

    • Oña: One of the towns with more history of Burgos (and Kingdom of Castile). Its Benedictine abbey, also an architectural jewel of the eleventh century, houses the remains of many members of Castilian royalty. It is 20 km from Tobera.

      Oña. Burgos

Tobera village is beatifull but it is small, so we recommend you visit other beautiful villages in the northern area of the province of Burgos and explore magical trails such as the “Route of the elves and the enchanted forest”

Take advantage of the good weather and take a tour in the north of Burgos!

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