Villages of Burgos with charm (I).

We are already in Autumn, the time of year where the field is covered with leaves and delights us with a nice range of colors. What a great time to visit the beautiful villages of Burgos!

Today we talk about the 7 villages of Burgos that we think are the most beautiful in the north of the province, which combine a mixture of history and nature in all its splendor.

We hope that this post will be useful and do not miss the opportunity to make a rural getaway and visit these wonderful villages of Burgos. They are waiting for you!

icono mapaOrbaneja del Castillo

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Burgos. It is located in the canyon formed by the Ebro river. It stands out for its spectacular waterfall located at the entrance of the village by road. In addition, you have several hiking trails around you where you can enjoy the views and flights of the vultures that populate this area. It is located 67 km from the city of Burgos.

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Orbaneja del Castillo. Burgos province

icono mapaFrias

It has several awards as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Although its historical center is very beautiful, the castle’s tower keep stands out. Located on the highest point of the hill, the views of the whole region are impressive. And do not just visit the town, the medieval bridge located on the outskirts is another must-see. It is located 82 km from Burgos.

Frias. Burgos province.

icono mapaTobera

It is a small village belonging to the town of Frias (located just 2 km from the historic center of Frias). Stands out for the waterfalls that surround the town and for the beautiful hermitage of Santa María de la Hoz. Come after the visit to the town of Frias or make a rural escape directly to this magical place.

Tobera. Burgos province.

icono mapaMedina de Pomar

Most populated town in the region of Las Merindades (6,000 inhabitants) that stands out for its historic center and, fundamentally, for the castle of the Velasco . Its 2 impressive towers stand out in these fields of Castilla. It is located 82 km from Burgos.

Medina de Pomar. Burgos province.

icono mapaPuentedey

A unique village, whose name means “Bridge of God”. Its biggest peculiarity is that it is located on a natural stone bridge pierced by the river Nela. A visit that is worth it if you are in the area. It is 20 km from Medina de Pomar and 87 km from Burgos.

Puentedey. Burgos province.

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icono mapaPoza de la Sal

Located on the side of a hill, it has some privileged views of the region. Stands out for the historical center, the old salt works and the castle of the Rojas family. This village is also famous for being the place of birth of one of the greatest naturalists in Spain: Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente. There are several statues and streets in his honor. It is located 46 km from Burgos city.

Poza de la Sal. Burgos province.

icono mapaOña

Ancient medieval village that stands out for its Benedictine abbey, one of the most influential in the ancient Kingdom of Castile. We recommend your visit during the month of August since on those dates the Chronicone is celebrated: representation of the neighbors of the village that remembers the medieval past of the town. Also, if you like nature, there is a beautiful hiking route to go around the outskirts of the town: The route of the elves and enchanted forest. It is located 13 km from Poza de la Sal and 59 km from Burgos city.

Oña. Burgos province.

What a marvel of villages! And these are just the most beautiful villages we think of in the north of the province of burgos. In future posts we will continue showing the wonders villages of Burgos and the rest of Spain.

Do not hesitate, choose your favorite villages of Burgos and make a rustic escape this fall!

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Kiss and hugs.

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